Onic, Bren shine the brightest going into Week 6 – MPL PH Season 9

Only one team continued their hot streak this past weekend in week 5 of the Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines (MPL PH) Season 9. Another team has been at the bottom of the standings from the very beginning, but managed to beat the ‘super team’ of the league in a form of a sweep.

What a weekend, right?

Let’s breakdown the performances of our featured MPL PH season 9 teams last week, and look ahead into Week 6.

Kairi MPL PH Onic

Onic Philippines reigns supreme

Onic Philippines gained momentum last week after they outlasted ECHO Philippines who is regarded as the ‘super team’ of the tournament this season. And this week, they managed to continue their winning run after scoring two match wins over Nexplay Evos and M3 world champs Blacklist International, both notching 2-1 match finishes. It wasn’t an easy road for both of their matches but in the event, the M3 finalists proved to be one of the teams to look forward to in the competition.

After their performances this week, their core player, Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol, is now the league leader when it comes to total kills currently this season 9 with 117. He is also in second place, the player behind ECHO’S Karl “Karltzy” Nepomuceno in the highest average kills per game. Karltzy is scoring 6.11 per game, while Kairi lists 4.68 kills per game.

Onic will enter Week 6 which is already the second half of the tournament with a single match only, but against Bren Esports who is our second featured team of the week.

Bren Esports on the rise

Yes, you heard it right. Bren Esports is our second featured team of the week. And guess what?

They swept ECHO, 2-0, in a dominating fashion, especially in Game 1. Vincent “JOY BOY” De Guzman’s performance using Chou shined the brightest in game 1 after he scored three kills, four deaths, and a game-defining 11 assists to close out the game with a 19-11 score. They locked in Karltzy with only four purple buffs in the game while dismantling ECHO’s main line of defense.

Game two, however, was somehow a different story. ECHO attempted to execute a final push in the game, hoping for a reverse sweep to close things out. But Bren was just in a whole new different level on both of the matches, with Marco “SUPER MARCO” Requitano outshined everyone after he used his Harith, notching nine kills, two deaths, and seven assists. JOY BOY also contributed to the assist department with 14, while recording one kill and four deaths on the side.

JOY BOY was hailed as the MVP of the week, handing out averages of 2.00 kills, 4.00 deaths, and 12.5 assists. Bren may still place themselves at the bottom of the standings with a 2-7 match win-loss record. But giving ECHO their second loss of the season bagged them a spot on our list. And that’s the common thing they have with Onic – the teams who slayed the ‘super team’ so far.

Coming into Week 6, Bren is facing three tough opponents back to back to back. If they manage to run good in all three series, we’ll see them climb three spots in the standings.

Notable Teams coming into Week 6

Aside from Onic, TNC also won both of their matches in Week 5 against Omega Esports and Blacklist International. ECHO is next on the chopping block. If TNC wins here, they would go on to claim first in the standings coming into the second part of the season.

RSG Philippines only did one match which was against Nexplay Evos but managed to win it. Heading into week 6, they face Bren and Omega and are seen as odds favorites in both matches. However, do not be surprised if RSG loses one or both of their series.

Will Onic continue their hot streak next week? And will Bren win the majority of their matches in the second half of MPL PH season 9?

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