Overwatch League 2022 – Summer Showdown Week 15 Preview

The Overwatch League’s third split of the 2022 season begins on August 11. After nearly three weeks off, there has been plenty of time for new additions to shake up the meta. The League will be playing on a modified version of what players experienced during the second OW2 beta, including the slightly overpowered tank Junker Queen, and another hybrid map Paraíso.

The new tank, Junker Queen

Junker Queen has been rampaging through Contenders, with every single region being defined by the latest reminder of Overwatch’s very best but also worst Overwatch meta of all time, GOATs. Utilizing Junker Queen’s incredible self sustain, teams have brought back the support duo of Lucio and Brigitte for maximum AoE sustain. These three work together to create a nearly indestructible death ball that speeds its way through the map annihilating anything it touches. However, the comp is not invincible, nor should it be considered the de facto meta on every single map. The comp lacks any form of vertical mobility, just like GOATs. It is also reliant on its long cooldowns, once Lucio’s amp, Brig’s armor packs, and Junker Queen’s commanding shout are used, the comp has no healing or movement speed to keep itself alive, and quickly crumbles.


Image Credits | Overwatch League

Players to watch

Junker Queen is a hyper aggressive and skill expressive pick. Hopefully, we see the return of some of the less played tank players like Void, but if we’re looking for sure bets we should look to the LA Gladiators and the SF Shock. Reiner has consistently shown dominant performances on every pick in the solo tank role, the man simply doesn’t miss. The Shocks tank Coluge was an off tank player, but picked up the main tanks quickly. If anyone is going to learn a brand new hero fast, while also having the mechanics to back it up, it’s Reiner and Coluge. Hawk from Atlanta Reign and potentially DPS player Danteh from Houston Outlaws may also provide us with more top level Junker Queen.


The new map Paraíso takes place in Brazil is another hybrid map. Just like Junker Queen, Paraíso was available to be played in Contenders, but was only played once (starts at about 1:42:00) in Korean Contenders during the Lower Quarter Finals where T1 went up against Incendia Evolution. The game saw all three points of the map, and only the Junker Queen Brawl was played.
Key match of week one

The match of the week must go to the LA Gladiators against the Dallas Fuel. The Glads should be your go to team for top performances, but Dallas are coming out of their disastrous Midseason Madness tournament run. While it may be significantly Glads favored, it should still be a good match. You might also be interested in the very first game of the split, where London Spitfire get a rematch against Florida Mayhem, the team that knocked them out of the Midseason Madness.

GOATs was fun for a bit, so hopefully we can enjoy a good round of JOATs.