Blizzard leaks Atlanta branding for OWL; Paris roster fully announced

In a weird turn of events, Blizzard have forced Atlanta to play their hand a little early as they accidentally released a picture of the new branding and logo scheme for Atlanta OWL on their Overwatch League App just a few nights ago. To hurry along the awkwardness, Atlanta fully released their branding and logo on their official Twitter. Atlanta OWL can now be recognized as Atlanta Reign as they look to decimate the competition in the next season of Overwatch League. Toronto OWL have also been in the mix with a potential branding leak via 4chan, but the rumors at this time could not be corroborated to be true at this moment.

Long may they Reign!

Atlanta Reign have broken the ice on the new brand of logos to be featured from all the expansion teams coming in with the 2019 season. After a weird blunder from Blizzard, Atlanta Reign wasted no time picking up the ball and just running with it, fully revealing their logo and branding shortly after the news leaked.


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Atlanta as an organization also wasted little time assembling their star studded roster, with many sources confirming that Dafran will be the main cog of the DPS core as well as a few other high level Korean players to boast. In our previous roster breakdown for Atlanta, we highlighted the potential for success is extremely high given their talent.

Players like Kodak, Dafran, and Erster on the lineup, Atlanta Reign have tremendous upside as one of the more raw teams to enter the league. Once they get a chance to iron out a solid game plan as a roster, Atlanta will be a serious threat to even the most fearsome lineups if Dafran can gel with his new teammates.

This was the exact photo that was leaked to users of the Overwatch League app as it was revealed Atlanta are going for a red and white scheme to compliment their fiery mascot. This branding is consistent with many colors that the city already sports for several of their teams including the Atlanta Braves, Hawks, Falcons and Atlanta United F.C.

Atlanta is a city with tremendous civic pride, and with that, tremendous pride in their teams as the culture and impact of their city reverberates through its people. Atlanta is also home to one of the largest gamer bases in all of the United States, and having a solid Overwatch team to directly represent them will be a great boost to that base.

With their branding unveiled, the roster announcements will likely be pouring in sooner rather than later. At that point, we may finally be able to confirm the return of one of the greatest DPS players to ever grace the game.

Paris make it official

While Paris OWL haven’t released any branding yet, they have been more than open with their roster announcements and have now fully confirmed the nine man roster. This further confirms previous reports we’ve featured regarding the trading of French DPS SoOn from LA Valiant to his hometown team.

The opportunity to represent France and Europe on the Overwatch League stage has been a big reason for Paris utilizing these roster choices thus far. As of right now, Paris are featuring a fully European roster, countering the apparent meta of the rest of the league scouting Korean players and attempting to make entire rosters based on those talents.

For now, this approach from Paris is a bold one. As we’ve seen from Shanghai last year, sometimes nationalism isn’t the best policy for building a roster in the Overwatch League. Regardless of result the roster on paper has plenty of potential to succeed with a few of these players already proven on the OWL stage.