Best Overwatch 2 Maps: Are Any Of The New Maps On Our List?

Overwatch 2 is filled with colorful characters and vibrant maps that capture the scenery and beauty of the city/nation it’s based on. Giving them a near-future take on Overwatch’s iconic art style, we can’t help but admire these maps and the designers that put the hard work into making them.

These are our picks for the best maps in Overwatch 2. They consist of the maps that players find the most fun, enjoyable, easy to navigate, and overall have a beautiful and memorable design.

best overwatch 2 maps

What Makes This Selection of Overwatch 2 Maps The Best?

Keeping in mind that currently, Overwatch 2 is free to play, featuring a map rotation, the maps within this list are ones that are currently available during Season 1, as not every single map that was previously available in Overwatch 1 is present in Overwatch 2 Unranked.

New Overwatch 2 maps include Circuit Royal, Midtown, Paraiso, Colosseo, Esperanca and New Queen Street. Unsurprisingly, we’ve included all these new maps in our list below.

12. Circuit Royale (New Overwatch 2 Map)

circuit royale overwatch 2 map

Circuit Royale is an escort map introduced in Overwatch 2. Attackers must escort the formula 1 race car from their spawn point at the Casino, through the curvy and elevated racetrack and into the back room of the Hotel at the top of the hill.

This map is most ideal for the defending team if they have Widowmaker or any aim tracking Overwatch 2 damage characters that can fight on the high ground. The map was originally announced at Blizzcon 2019 as “Monte Carlo ” before being changed after the Overwatch 2 Beta was launched.

11. Busan

busan overwatch 2 map

Busan is a King of the Hill/Capture Point map introduced in Overwatch 1. It made its debut during the Overwatch Korea Fan Festival in 2019. It comes with the Downtown, Sanctuary, and MEKA base stages, showing off distinct parts of the city.

In two of these stages, there are special interactions players can use. One is a karaoke machine where various characters have their own unique voice lines that they sing. The other is a DDR machine, and if you step on the dance pad, the machine lights up, and the dance steps pop up on the screen like real-life games.

Highly recommend Overwatch 2 support characters Lucio or Zenyatta or any characters with knockback abilities, as there are a lot of great spots for environmental kills.

10. New Queen Street (New Overwatch 2 Map)

new queen street overwatch 2 map

New Queen Street is a Push Map introduced in Overwatch 2. The goal is to escort your robot through the downtown area, with one team’s finish line being Union Station, and the other being a Curling Arena.

The map was revealed alongside the Overwatch 2 announcement at Blizzcon in 2019 with the name “Toronto”, after the Canadian city, before being changed to New Queen Street for the beta. The map is a fictionalized mixture of the real-life King, Queen, and Dundas streets in the city, with many shops and other buildings to sneak inside and launch surprise attacks against the enemy team.

This map will also appear during the PVE story campaign, with a snowstorm overlay set to release in 2023.

9. Esperança (New Overwatch 2 Map)

esperanca overwatch 2 map

Esperança is a Push Map introduced in Overwatch 2. Based on multiple historical landmarks across Portugal, Esperança is a colorful, vibrant town that shows off its architectural streets with the classic Overwatch near-distant future feel. Take advantage of the small alleyways and tunnels to get to certain areas of the map faster. With many close corners, Overwatch 2 tank hero Zarya and damage dealer Pharah are a great combination duo for this map.

The map was revealed via Overwatch’s official Twitter account before the beta launched. The lore tie-ins introduce a potential new faction of the OW universe, called The Collective, who were responsible for building the giant “hard glass” wall that can be seen from certain points in the map if you look out into the background.

There’s also a hidden easter egg where if you enter the Collective exhibit, a person is speaking in Portuguese that explains the CEO’s history and how the wall was made.

8. Hollywood

hollywood overwatch 2 map

Hollywood is a Hybrid Capture/escort map introduced in Overwatch 1. Attackers spawn at the Chinese Theatre at Hollywood Boulevard, and need to capture the point at Goldshire Studios and escort Alfred Glitchbot’s limo across the studio lot to his trailer.

As the payload progresses, you can hear the Omnic director make some comments about your teammates, and they vary depending on which characters you play.

World of Warcraft fans will recognize the movie studio’s logo easter egg as the very same Alliance symbol, the signature blue and gold lion.

7. Midtown (New Overwatch 2 Map)

overwatch 2 map midtown

Midtown is a Hybrid Capture/escort map introduced in Overwatch 2. Attackers spawn in at a Pizza Joint and must capture the joint at a firehouse and escort the firetruck to Grand Central Station. The map was first revealed during an Overwatch 2 Developer Update Livestream in March 2022. The location had always been a dream map for the developers as many of them are from New York.

Characters that work well in this map are Reinhardt, Mei, and Baptiste. As there are some tight spaces, such as the subway line, you can block enemies’ escape and face them head-on.

6. Eichenwalde

overwatch 2 map eichenwalde

Eichenwalde is a Hybrid Capture/escort map introduced in Overwatch 1. Attackers spawn inside an old tavern, and they must capture and escort a giant battering ram through the abandoned town and into the castle.

The map was revealed during Blizzcon 2016 along with the tank character Reinhardt’s animated short,”, to advertise the map.

Eichenwalde is popular for its many easter eggs, such as Reinhardt’s name engraved on the bar from his cinematic “Honor & Glory ”, and the Dark Souls reference to a bonfire hidden away in a small room inside the castle.

5. Paraiso (New Overwatch 2 Map)

overwatch 2 map paraiso

Paraiso is a Hybrid Capture/escort map introduced in Overwatch 2. Attackers spawn inside a beachside restaurant and have to capture and escort a carnival float to Lucio’s nightclub for a party. The map was first revealed at Blizzcon 2019 alongside Overwatch 2’s world premiere announcement as a demo reel, allowing players a sneak peek at the PVE story campaign in development. This map is great for quickplay and a popular map in skirmish to just hang out by the beach.

4. Colosseo (New Overwatc 2 Map)

overwatch 2 map colosseo

Colosseo is a Push Map introduced in Overwatch 2. Each team aims to push the robot through the gladiator arena and pass the city streets to a museum. The map was revealed alongside Midtown during the Overwatch 2 Developer livestream.

If you pass by the colosseum close enough, you can hear crowds cheering and weapons clashing, indicating that there’s a match going on inside.

Compared to the other push maps, Colosseo has low walls and more pitfalls, allowing for more environmental kill opportunities that push you and your opponents off the map, so be mindful of your surroundings and who you are fighting during those chokepoints.

3. Route 66

overwatch 2 map route 66

Route 66 is an escort map introduced back in Overwatch 1. Attackers must escort the payload of stolen goods from the trainwreck to the Deadlock Gang headquarters, hidden within the gorge. The map paints a picture of a now deserted and obsolete Route 66, run by gangs and outlaws.

Since Overwatch 2 launched, Route 66 has been changed from a day time to night time map, so visibility is more restrictive. Characters with high mobility and are high ground friendly are popular on this map, including characters such as D.Va, Winston, Baptiste, Widowmaker, Pharah, and Mei. Sombra also comes in handy if you want to hack nearby Phentermine health packs.

2. Oasis

overwatch 2 map oasis

Oasis is a King of the Hill/Capture Point map introduced in Overwatch 1. It was revealed after the initial launch of the game in 2016 before releasing in January 2017. The map comes in three stages, the University, City Center, and the Gardens.

At the time of its release, it was the first map to include a bounce pad and moving elements that could eliminate a player if they didn’t pay attention (i.e. the highway of cars on the side of the City Center stage).

1. King’s Row

overwatch 2 map king's row

King’s Row is a Hybrid Capture/escort map introduced in Overwatch 1. Released with the launch of Overwatch 1, it has continued to be a fan favorite among players for its simple yet visually stunning design. Set in the near-distant future London, players must capture and escort the payload, presumably a giant emp device, to the other side of town where an underground city is located.

King’s Row has something to offer for all players and their different playstyles. A fun mix of narrow alleys for tight spaces or cobblestone streets for a wide open space, there are various backrooms and routes to choose from, whether it’s to push the objective or plan the ultimate defense. Vantage points on the high ground are a favourite for many high hit scan heroes, especially Widowmaker and Ashe. However, they still provide enough cover on the ground to counter said snipers, especially if you have a good tank that can protect your team.

This ties into the lore of tension between humans and Omnics as the robot race fights for equal rights. All this will tie in with the PVE story campaign, as the map was teased about being given an expansion and brand-new area for the campaign.

Overwatch 2 is free to play on all platforms, including cross-progression, with new heroes in Overwatch 2 like Sojourn, Junker Queen, and Kiriko, and brand new heroes and maps every other season. What’s your favorite Overwatch 2 map? Have one that’s not on our list? Let us know!

Images credit: Blizzard Entertainment