Overwatch 2 New Heroes: All New Heroes & Changes

Overwatch 2 has finally been released, and it brings with it a host of new heroes. For a while, many players were locked into the mindset that this game was more of an ‘Overwatch 1.5’, but since being released, Overwatch 2 has performed remarkably well and, for the most part, players seem to be enjoying what’s on offer. In this guide, we’ll be breaking down the assortment of Overwatch 2 new heroes, from Kiriko to Sojourn to Junker Queen, and beyond.

Many changes were made between Overwatch and Overwatch 2, some more impactful than others. For instance, Overwatch 2 is now a free-to-play game powered by a battle pass model, and there are no more loot boxes to be seen. There are all-new maps, a new game mode, improvements and changes across the board, and yes, for Overwatch 2, new characters have been created. It doesn’t end there, though, as, in Overwatch 2, redesigns were issued to existing characters.

There’s plenty to go through here. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Overwatch 2’s new heroes.

Overwatch 2: New Heroes to Unlock, Old Ones to Explore

overwatch 2 new characters reinhardt

Reinhardt is an old character with new features (Image Credit: Blizzard)

When you first start playing Overwatch 2, you’ll gain instant access to two of the new heroes in Overwatch 2, with the third being unlockable through the Battle Pass. As we’ve mentioned though, there have been plenty of changes for Overwatch 2’s debut, and many of the existing heroes have been reworked. For instance, there was a particular focus on Overwatch 2 Tanks, with Blizzard introducing a key change that impacts how players fill this role in-game.

So, with that information in mind, it seems prudent to highlight that even the characters you already know and love might feel different going into Overwatch 2. As this game is now free-to-play, more players than ever before are flooding the platform, and it’s making for quite a diverse evolution of the ecosystem. There are plenty of heroes for players to get the hang of, and on their journey (which costs absolutely nothing), players happily cross over from character to character.

If you’re totally new to the ecosystem, we’ve published a guide explaining how to pick up a free download of Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2: New Characters (Full Breakdown)

Now, let’s get into the core of this guide and break down the full list, starting out with the most anticipated Overwatch 2 new hero: Kiriko.

Introducing: Kiriko

overwatch 2 all hero changes kiriko

Image Credit: Blizzard

Kiriko is an all-new character in Overwatch 2, made available through the Season One Battle Pass. She’s an agile ninja healer with tight connections to Hanzo and Genji, assisted in-game by a Kitsune spirit that follows her every move. She’s a dynamic character that can both deal damage and heal in great strides, wielding razor-sharp kunai that she can throw at enemies to take them out of the action.

Out of the Overwatch 2 Supports, Kiriko is a force to be reckoned with. When her healing ability is triggered, spiritual talismans will traverse the map, seeking out teammates that require assistance, and healing them in a rapid fashion. As a naturally agile hero, Kiriko can move remarkably fast, using her Swift Step ability to dash around the map like the ninja that she is. When Swift Step is combined with her Wall Climb ability, Kiriko becomes a fantastic choice for the more fast-paced player.

It gets better, though, as Kiriko also boasts the power of her ‘Protection Suzu’, which is a charm that will remove negative effects from teammates at the press of a button. If that wasn’t enough, Kiriko has an Ultimate that can seriously up the pace of the game for the entire team. When the Kitsune Rush Ultimate is deployed, a path will be summoned that grants allies faster movement, more rapid attacks, and even faster cooldowns.

If you want to play as Kiriko, you’ll need to get to Tier 55 of the battle pass, but if you buy the Premium Battle Pass, you’ll unlock Kiriko instantly. When it comes to Overwatch 2 new heroes, Kiriko is easily one of the best.

Introducing: Junker Queen

overwatch 2 redesigns

Image Credit: Blizzard

In stark contrast to Kiriko, Overwatch 2’s Junker Queen is a hard-hitting powerhouse of a hero, introduced as a new Tank in the Overwatch 2 ecosystem. This toned, rippling individual strikes fear into the heart of enemies standing before them through an array of grisly weaponry and an undeniable ability to tear across the battlefield with glee. Up close, Junker Queen is a brutal force, wielding a Scattergun that deals huge amounts of damage to any enemy unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast.

As an alternate combat option, Junker Queen can whip out her Jagged Blade, which seizes enemies and pulls them closer, so the player can deal a lethal blow. In terms of weaponry, it doesn’t end there, as Junker Queen also totes a devastating battleaxe, which she pulls out during her Carnage ability, chopping effortlessly through enemies and dealing damage over time even after the engagement is done.

In terms of Junker Queen’s passive abilities, Adrenaline Rush essentially allows her to bleed already wounded enemies of their health over time. When it comes to Overwatch 2 damage dealers, Junker Queen really does sit near the top of the pile. As a great character for an IGL, Junker Queen can also grant a speed and health boost to nearby allies with her Commanding Shout ability, and when she triggers her Rampage Ultimate, she’ll barrel headlong through enemies, scattering them far and wide.

As soon as you start playing Overwatch 2, you’ll unlock Junker Queen.

Introducing: Sojourn

overwatch 2 hero changes sojournn

Image Credit: Blizzard

Sojourn is already a classic Overwatch character in a way, as, like Junker Queen, her voice and profile have been featured in the universe for quite some time. She’s now playable in Overwatch 2 for the first time, coming in as an all-new Damage Hero. As one of the most important Overwatch 2 new heroes, Sojourn can pick her way around a battleground with absolute ease, picking off enemies with her eyes closed.

If you’re a fan of agile, versatile gameplay, you’ll love Sojourn. But, if you’re a fan of hard-hitting power and being the top fragger… Then you’ll still probably love Sojourn. Her main weapon, a railgun, is an adaptable piece of kit that’s capable of taking out enemies at all ranges, and each shot you land makes the secondary ability of the weapon more powerful. When it’s ready to go, you can fire a single burst of energy that will devastate any enemy.

In Overwatch 2, Sojourn is one of the best-prepared heroes on offer. She boasts a Disruptor Shot ability that can slow down and slowly damage enemies, and a Power Slide ability that allows her to cross the map at a dizzying speed. At the end of the slide, players can catapult themselves into the air with a Jump ability that brings incredible verticality to Sojourn’s movement package. Her Ultimate is also a massive help in an intense situation – Overlock will push Sojourn’s weapons to their limits, making them much more powerful.

To unlock Sojourn as one of the Overwatch 2 new characters, all players need to do is start playing the game.

Introducing: Ramattra

overwatch ramattra

Image Credit: Blizzard

At first glance, Ramattra looks like something a relatively unassuming character – a mage-like character wielding a staff, zipping around the map with ease. However, there’s a reason that this individual is considered a Tank, and it’s mostly down to his alternate form. Primarily, Ramattra is an omnic character, using the powers of dark magic to deal damage to any opponents foolish enough to face him on the battlefield.

His primary weapon, the Void Accelerator staff, boasts both a primary and secondary fire type, and he’s effective from both close and long range. He can deploy a Void Barrier ability, casting out a high-health barricade that cuts off enemies and blocks pathways in seconds. When things get really intense, players can use Ramattra’s Nemesis ability. This completely changes the game, pushing Ramattra into an alternate form that’s towering, hulking, boasts thick armor and an extra set of arms.

In his Nemesis form, players unlock a Block, Pummel, and a piercing ability, all of which deal and defend against damage in great amounts. That’s not all, though – Ramattra does, of course, have a fairly devastating Ultimate ability. This is called Annihilation, and it throws out a circle of damage around Ramattra, catching enemies that fall within that circle and rapidly shredding their health.

Overwatch 2: Hero Changes Keep Rolling Out

Of course, those three new Overwatch 2 heroes aren’t the end of the updates coming to the platform. Over time, more heroes will be added to the already extensive list of characters on offer. At present, we know that the next character to be added to the game will be Ramattra, a dark and foreboding character with mystical abilities. Before the game was fully released, so many Overwatch 2 redesigns were pushed out, bringing a wide array of changes to the existing roster of heroes.

Every hero, from Ana to Cassidy, and from Mei to Orisa has had changes applied for Overwatch 2. In some cases, these changes have been massively impactful and have changed the way players will use certain characters. For example, Reinhardt saw a long list of updates that removed his Steadfast passive, replaced it with the new global tank passive, updated his base armour, amended his movement speeds, and changed how many charges his Fire Strike has.

That’s just one example of the staggering number of changes made to Overwatch 2’s heroes, both new and old. It means that there’s a learning curve for both new and veteran Overwatch players, but that’s the way it should be, considering Overwatch 2 is an all-new game. If it was absolutely identical to the first Overwatch game, everyone would be furious.