Boston Uprising make strong statement with wins over Dallas and London

Boston Uprising may have just put their ballot in for playoff contention with big wins over Dallas Fuel and London Spitfire in Week 3 of the OWL.

Finally turning heads

At the beginning of preseason this year, Boston Uprising were widely regarded as a ‘sleeper team’ that would outperform their expectations as the season wore on. From shoutcasters, to opposing players and coaches, many believed that Boston, under the guidance of HuK as President of Gaming and Swift as Head Coach were destined to develop over the course of the season as players get acquainted with each other. The first two weeks of OWL were a bit rocky for the Uprising as they fell to 1-3 with a loss to San Francisco Shock. In the first three weeks of play, Boston have gone against all three Korean teams and the top Western teams and have looked extremely impressive when they have to play up to their opponents.

DreamKazper Overwatch Boston Uprising wins

Gamsu and Striker have had hot hands in recent weeks showing composure even in high pressure situations where they should be ousted as the weaker opponent. This week, Boston were able to upset London and Dallas mainly on the back of stellar play from DreamKazper as he really rose to the occasion and made amazing plays on a variety of champions. Whether it was pinpoint Pharah rockets landing on target or slick Genji mechanics that wowed the fans, DreamKazper has an answer for everything that Profit, Birdring and Hooreg were trying to do in their series as he play absolutely out of his mind for a majority of the series.

What’s next?

Obviously there is still much work to be done as Boston and the rest of the OWL teams will look to constantly improve and reforge their strategies in order to pull ahead, but the potential from Boston so far has come way faster than expected. The key to their success thus far is the lack of ego and individualistic personalities on the team that inhibits success of the group. HuK made it clear that going into picking his squad for this season, he was only focused on bringing in players that were looking to improve and cooperate as role players. With the way Boston Uprising has been gelling so far, there’s reason to believe that HuK was right about his theory and will only look to improve with such a talented roster.

Boston Uprising make strong statement with wins over Dallas and London

Whether it’s the New England Patriots, or the Championship-clad Boston Celtics, the city of Boston is no stranger to having Championship quality teams representing the region. The Boston Uprising have already succeeded in starting a revolution against London, but will their skills and attributes as a team carry over to more important series down the stretch?

Next week’s matchup against the Los Angeles Valiant will be crucial in gauging the success of Boston so far in the season. With two weeks left in the first play-in stage, Boston Uprising find themselves in 7th place just outside of playoff contention.