It’s almost time – the Overwatch Contenders Showdown locations and dates are here!

One of the most popular Overwatch tournaments in the world, the Contenders League has just released a few interesting bits of info – as the current season is slowly approaching its final stages and is set to end in May, Blizzard has just announced the where and when’s of the final events for it.

Split into two regions – Atlantic and Pacific – there are two great showdown events, and they are just far enough apart that die-hard fans can go and watch both if they so want to! The first of the two, the Pacific Showdown, is going to be held in Shanghai, China between May 24th and May 26th.


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Then a few days later, between May 31st and June 2nd, the Atlantic Showdown is going to take place in Krefeld, in Germany – so while it is a bit of a flight, it’s perfectly possible to watch both of the big showdowns in person… assuming you can get tickets.

As for the events on the days themselves – the Pacific Showdown will feature the best of the best, the cream of the crop – the top teams from Australia, China, Korea and the rest of the Pacific region. On Friday 24th, the Upper bracket will play 2 rounds, followed by a third on Saturday, when the lower bracket is also running 2 rounds. On Sunday, the lower bracket will see its third round, followed by the part we are all waiting for – the Grand Finals.

Matches each day start at 1pm Chinese Standard Time and have no set finish time – they will end when all games are played! As for the Atlantic Showdown, the plan here is quite similar – on Friday, the upper bracket plays its first two rounds, followed by a third on Saturday and the first two of the lower bracket. After the third round of the lower bracket, we will once again see the Grand Finals here as well!

Slightly different though, matches will begin at 4pm Central European Summer Time and last once again until all matchups are completed. On Sunday, matches will start at 5.30pm CE Summer Time.

Another big thing only just announced by Blizzard is the Gauntlet – another big competition in the world of Overwatch, this event has the top teams from both the Atlantic and Pacific regions competing against each other, where usually they are completely separate.

Although no location has been announced so far, we do know a few things about this event – it is going to take place between the 9th of October and the 13th of October this year! Matches are going to be held in both groups and double-elimination brackets. That means that we will see both a round robin style of competition but also a knock-out system where, after one loss, a team moves to the lower bracket and after two losses, is eliminated from the competition.

More details are going to be announced closer to the time of the event, and more than likely after the excitement over the big finals for this Contenders season has died down… so for now enjoy and sit tight for more updates on the Gauntlet!

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