NYXL add another top DPS to their roster; D.C. swoop in for Janus and Wizardhyeong

Houston Outlaws have put pen to paper on one of their most coveted Academy players this past week in a recent leak via KINGmykL. The YouTuber also gave valuable information towards the roster outlook for the rest of the team as there are murmurs that the Houston Outlaws are still on the market for a standout DPS player as their mostly Western roster continues to look for upgrades. Elsewhere in the Atlantic Division, NYXL has made headlines as they have officially signed their extremely hyped DPS Academy player Yeon-oh ‘nanohana’ Hwang to their starting lineup.

Smurfing to greatness?

After a relatively docile signing period, the Houston Outlaws have started to make noise with potential roster changes as the addition of their Academy Tank player has surfaced. Myeong-hwan ‘smurf’ Yoo has been a pretty under the radar Tank player as far as Korean imports go, as his team GG Esports Academy failed to secure an impressive finish in the Second Season of Overwatch Contenders: North America.

Regardless of team results, the behind the scenes action for smurf must have been much more impressive to the Houston Outlaws management as they decided to pick up a young up-and-coming talent to follow the footsteps of Muma whenever he decides to take time off.

At the time of this signing, it’s hard to believe that smurf will be used to replace Muma given the career season he just had with the Outlaws. The insurance policy of a stand alone Tank on the sidelines will surely provide him a lot of fire as he looks to keep his spot next season.


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On the topic of DPS players, Houston Outlaws are still in dire need of a bonafide Tracer main that can give the Houston Outlaws a viable threat when they decide to pull off dive compositions. Last year, the Houston Outlaws were severely limited by hero pool and the sooner that problem can be fixed, the sooner they can get back to their winning ways without depending on a favourable meta.

NYXL add firepower; Wizardhyeong to D.C.

In an unsurprising turn of events, NYXL has finally added the highly touted nanohana to their main team ranks as they get ready to reset for next season. After a less than impressive playoff outing for their team, NYXL is under construction as they are still on the market for a Head Coach that will fill in the gap that the ‘Typical Genius’ WizardHyeong leaves behind.

While the addition of nanohana is a high profile one, NYXL were in no way lacking in the DPS department as they still have Pine and SBB operating at full capacity on the roster, but having a healthy rotation of players will definitely help the dips in performances both players had during the year.


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But to really patch up the holes of this roster, they must invest in a Tank player that can perform the way Janus did, if not better. Fielding just nine players on their roster, there is plenty of wiggle room for NYXL to add to their already dominant formula for winning games. But the rebuild can only be possible with the right Tank and coaching staff changes taking place sooner rather than later.

As Hyeong-seok ‘Wizardhyeong’ Kim was shown the door in New York, he didn’t have to go far to find a new replacement job as newly expanded Washington D.C. have called on the wizard’s service to make this team stand out tactically. Adding a proven winning coach like Wizardhyeong is a great first step, but the coach can only be as good as the talent that he works with, and the Overwatch League is no different with the fierceness of competitors only getting stronger for Season Two.


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To supplement that problem, D.C. made a major play picking up Joon-hwa ‘Janus’ Song to their roster on top of the coaching signing. This news comes as a surprise via Korean news outlet D3watch, as they reported the move for Janus came as a package deal. There is no doubt that the new money involved with the D.C. spot helped sway the opinion of both player and coach en route to signing a deal. Having some of that instant synergy heading into playing and coaching an entirely new roster is ideal as Wizardhyeong has a tall task ahead of him.

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