Sojourn Overwatch 2 Hero Guide: Weapon, Abilities & How to Play

Overwatch 2’s Sojourn is the first new DPS character joining the fray. She is also the game’s first Canadian hero and the first new hero teased since Echo’s release back in 2019. Making her first appearance during the game’s beta testing, she’s become both a favourite character to play and also caused a cry for nerfs from some disgruntled players. Here’s an overview of Sojourn’s weapon, abilities, backstory and tips on how to play Sojourn.

What Does Sojourn Do? – Weapon, Abilities & Ultimate

Sojourn is considered to be a very highly skilled hero, one of the toughest Overwatch 2 damage heroes to go up against in Overwatch 2.

overwatch 2 sojourn

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Sojourn’s weapon of choice

Sojourn’s primary fire is her railgun:

  • A rapid-fire weapon that charges up her alternate fire, a straight energy beam that can act as a snipe.
  • Left fire can deal up to 126 damage per second, while her right fire can deal between 30-130 depending on how much energy has been charged.
  • After 8 seconds, the energy charge decreases if not used.

Sojourn’s Abilities & Ultimate

Sojourn’s first ability is her Power Slide:

  • A rocket-powered slide that can stretch up to 14 meters and, if canceled, causes Sojourn to jump vertically in the air for another 2 meters.

Sojourn’s second ability is her Disruptor Shot:

  • A projectile that, when fired towards an area, creates an energy field which covers that area and snares any enemies that are caught in it.
  • It can deal up to 210 damage over time, so long as enemies stay within its range and it slows enemies’ movement speed.

Her ultimate ability is her Overclock:

  • When activated for a short time, Sojourn’s railgun can continuously charge up to 100% after every shot.
  • It can do 108 damage per second and allows Sojourn to pierce through enemies.

Tips On How To Play Sojourn

A new Overwatch 2 hero, Sojourn can be a highly mobile hero and heavily relies on high-aim accuracy. Always be on the move and rarely stand still to avoid being an easy target to your enemy team’s DPS.

Especially if they have other high hitscan heroes such as:

  • Cassidy
  • Widowmaker
  • Soldier: 76

Use her Power Slide to flank easily and switch positions during team fights to make it harder for your enemies to catch you.

Use the Disruptor Shot to slow enemy movements to help make it easier to align for great headshots with your secondary fire. For farming energy charge, focus fire on the enemy tank if you’re not already in a team fight.

All large body tanks could work with this, but here are prime examples to look out for:

  • Reinhardt
  • Roadhog
  • D.Va
  • Orisa

What Is Sojourn’s Backstory?

Sojourn’s backstory contains spoilers from her upcoming book, “Sojourn”. Vivian Chase was born in Toronto, Canada, also featured as an Overwatch 2 map, and came from a military family. Born with an autoimmune disease, she was given cybernetic implants to save her life, replacing her arms, legs and even her heart. When she joined the Canadian Special Forces to fight in the Omnic Crisis, her cybernetics were upgraded for combat, and she quickly grew within the ranks, earning her callsign, Sojourn.

overwatch 2 sojourn back story

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

As the Omnic Crisis progressed, the Overwatch Strike team came to the Special Forces aid in driving out the Omnic invasion in Canada. After the Crisis ended, Strike Commander Jack Morrison (Soldier: 76) offered her a spot in Overwatch as a Captain, and she accepted. She helped with many missions over the years. After the HQ explosion resulting in the death of both Overwatch and Blackwatch commanders, Sojourn was one of the agents to testify to the United Nations, resulting in the Petras Act and deeming Overwatch activity illegal and the organization disbanded.

We know Sojourn is to return for Overwatch 2’s PVE story campaign.

Here’s everything there is to Sojourn! How do you play Overwatch 2’s Sojourn? Have a favourite skin from the shop or Overwatch 2 battle pass? Let us know!