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Overwatch Contenders Schedule: 2020 season gets underway around the globe

It has been a long wait for the Contenders 2020 season to finally get cracking. The new Contenders system has brought an onslaught of squads all vowing for a spot into the league.

The Overwatch Contenders 2020 season began with the Seeding Tournament which determined the fate of all previous Contenders team from 2019. Only 4 to 8 teams (depending on the region) made it to the Contenders 2020 season, while the rest have to battle in at least Contenders Trials. The Overwatch Open Division featured over 2100 teams across all global regions battling their way to this years competitive cycle.

With the Season 1 of Open Division over and the Trials teams largely set, the time has come for the first cycle of Overwatch Contenders to get underway.

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The Contenders Ecosystem

Overwatch Contenders sees a massive change from in 2020, introducing the new ecosystem which interlinks Open Division, Contenders Trials and Overwatch Contenders in a seamless transitional league. The path-to-pro has never been made easier for amateur players and Overwatch aficionados.

Under the new system teams can be promoted and relegated all the way up/down between the leagues, based on their performance. Only the top teams will be able to gather points and earn a spot in Regional Contenders competition. The rest will battle to remain on the scene or fall down into obscurity.

The new season also brings changes to the broadcasting format of the league. Regional leagues will now set their own rules on the scope of the broadcast. Some regions will only broadcast Contenders and the Play-In Finals while others will extend their broadcast to Trials and even Open Division finals.

Additional content regarding upcoming stars and highlights will also be available week-on-week. This ties in nicely with Blizzards new partnership with Youtube for all esports related content.

Contenders Schedule 2020

The Overwatch Contenders 2020 season kicks off across all regions at the begging of March, with Trials being completed across regions this week. The latest broadcast schedule has been recently published by Blizzard:

© Blizzard Entertainment

Large portions of March are reserved for Overwatch Contenders action in 16 out of 31 days. Additionally, the Open Division Season 2 which is kicking off soon and the regular season of the Overwatch League, and we have a full month of content every month for the duration of the season.

However, Blizzard remains silent about the broadcasting talent and specific information about each of the three leagues (Open Division, Trials, Contenders). Once an update is available we will inform everyone accordingly. Below is a list of each of the Contenders regions and their starting date:

  • Feb. 23: Australia
  • Feb. 24: Pacific
  • Feb. 29: South America
  • March 3: Europe and North America
  • March 10: China*
  • March 11: South Korea

Catch the Contenders action at the official Youtube Channel.

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