Overwatch League Rankings 2021: Best OWL Teams for the most challenging season

The Overwatch League 2021 season marks the beginning of a new era for competitive Overwatch. The latest season has seen a whole new format launch, and there’s been more retirements from long-standing players than ever. So far in the 2021 season, we’ve seen a big upheaval in the standing of teams. The top teams from 2020 haven’t fared so well, and the biggest teams of 2021 aren’t who most would have expected. Looking at OWL power rankings, things have changed around quite a lot.

With one more cup left in the 2021 season, these Overwatch League Rankings are based on theoretical analysis and player performance comparisons aimed at predicting which OWL teams will rise to be the cream of the crop.

We will rank the teams in four tiers of five. Specific positions in the standings are hard to gouge given the change of format and the changes in team rosters. Within each tier, teams can be positioned in any order but we are confident 90% of the teams are placed within their correct tier and won’t sway far from it. The best Overwatch League team does change fairly often though, so be sure to watch the league to see how things develop.

With that said. Let’s begin.

Overwatch League Rankings 2020

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C-Tier Teams (16-20)

The following five teams had a bad season in the Overwatch League. This doesn’t mean they’re fully out for the year, just that they’re going to need some work to rise back up there.

20. London Spitfire

Key Player: Jeffery ‘Blasé’ Tsang

Spitfire have a relatively new roster for the 2021 Season. Blasé is probably their standout player so far, but they have had a weak 2021 in all. Blasé previously played for Houston. He’s done a decent job at London, but the team have failed to achieve much at the moment.

The rest of the roster at London Spitfires were equally promising at first. However, they haven’t had too much luck. The team still has plenty of potential, but they need to do more to deliver on that and rise in the OWL power rankings. At the moment, they safely sit at the very bottom.

19. Vancouver Titans

Key Player: Jiri “LiNkzr” Masalin

Vancouver Titans have looked promising going in 2021, but they’ve not had a particularly smooth ride. Vancouver has only been in the league since the expansion, by 2020 they blew through their roster pretty quickly. They had a better performance in a number of tournaments. However, in 2021 they’ve not been able to capitalize on this.

The Vancouver Titans likely won’t be making a comeback this year. They don’t rank so well if you’re looking for the best OWL team. However, it is very possible that they bounce back next time.

Vancouver Titans Roster

18. Los Angeles Valiant

Key Player: Zhang “Highbee” Zening

Before the 2021 season, Los Angeles Valiant released their entire roster of players and staff. These huge changes are a gamble. Sometimes, the new team and staff can be a big improvement. However, in the case of Valiant it hasn’t quite gone as successfully as it could have. The new roster has some standouts, like Highbee and Krystal. But overall, they’ve failed to really gel.

Valiant’s season hasn’t gone great. They’ve failed to get past the qualifiers pretty regularly in the 2021 cups. In Overwatch League rankings, they’re definitely in the bottom end. A big move like an entire fresh staff and roster is risky, hopefully, the new batch can work better for Valiant next season.

17. Boston Uprising

Key Player: Sang-beom “Munchkin” Byeon

Boston Uprising went from some big roster changes in 2020, with their squad fluctuating quite a bit. They’ve had a more stable team in 2021, with the most recent change being the addition of GaebullSsi in April. In OWL power rankings, they’re not quite at the bottom. However, they have failed to make much of an impression at all in 2021.

16. Florida Mayhem

Key Player: Baek “Checkmate” Seung-hun

Florida Mayhem has had major ups and downs in the 2021 season. The team has had a pretty stable roster for this year. They’ve had no changes to their players, with the only retirement being a content creator getting released from the team. This stability hasn’t put them at the top of the league as the best Overwatch league team, but they’ve definitely made an impression.

Florida Mayhem managed to move through to the actual tournament of the May Melee. While they’ve not had any other big results this season, this puts them definitely on the top of this lower tier for the League this season.

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B-Tier Teams (11-15)

The following five represent the lower part of the mid-table group. Competition is fierce for the two play-ins spots that directly depend on the seeding in this part of the standings.

15. Toronto Defiant

Key Player: An “ANSOONJAE” Soon-Jae

Toronto has had a pretty flexible roster for this season. They’ve gained and lost a few players, including Gl1tch retiring and a new assistant coach coming back on board.  They have a relatively big roster, that includes some players like ANSOONJAE that are completely on top of their game right now. While the roster is pretty impressive, their results haven’t been fantastic so far this season. Something just doesn’t seem to have clicked.

Toronto has had some impressive results in places. They opened the tournament by making it through to the bracket of the May Melee.  They’ve not repeated this since. However, a few good results have set them up for the season. They took Paris 3-1, and Atlanta Reign 3-2 earlier this season. While they’re not the best Overwatch team, Toronto still has great potential.

14. Houston Outlaws

Key Player: Min-jun “PIGGY” Shin

In Overwatch League rankings, Houston Outlaws have risen up quite a bit in recent years. They’ve had pretty minimal roster changes in 2021, with just one player leaving and one player joining. They started this season off in a pretty good run. They headed all the way through into the bracket for the May Melee. While they were knocked out by Dallas, they put up a good fight. Their win against Shock in the first week of the event really set the stage for the big rebalancing in team rankings this Season.

The Houston Outlaws have continued to put in good performances in 2021. They reached the bracket for the June Joust. While they again dropped out against Dallas in the bracket, they put in great performances against teams like Toronto and Florida. Houston is definitely improving this season, they might be able to build on this in 2022. They’re not the best OWL team, but there’s potential.

Piggy Outlaws

© Houston Outlaws

13. Paris Eternal

Key Player: Arthur “Didro” Szanto

Paris Eternal have largely been known in recent years as a team that has struggled to adapt. They’ve had problems making progress in the League and adjusting how things work when the balance of the game changes significantly. They have had a few roster moves this season, with ELLIVOTE leaving. Vestola and dridro joining, but the team lost a big part with that player dropping out.

In 2021, Paris has failed to push ahead into the top end of the League. They lost in qualifiers of both the May Melee and June Joust. In what could be a sign of a turnaround though, Paris Eternal have managed to push into the final bracket for the Summer Showdown. They eventually lost out to Washington, but they definitely put a good fight in. While they’re not the best Overwatch League team, they have made progress lately.

12. Guangzhou Charge

Key Player: Sw-hwan “Choisehwan” Choi

In OWL Power rankings, Guangzhou have slipped a little compared to previous seasons. In 2020, they took 5th in the regular season and 4th in the Asia playoffs. This did firmly put them in a decent position for the year. They even managed to pick up third in an early 2021 tournament, the NetEase Esports X Tournament. In 2021, they’ve had some poor results. They only won a single game in the May Melee, another in the June Joust, and one in the Summer Showdown. A single win in each tournament isn’t particularly impressive.

While their results don’t show it, Guangzhou Charge has had a lot of promise. The team clearly has the bones of a squad. For one reason or another, they never seem to be able to actually deliver on it though. They’re firmly in the middle of the Overwatch League rankings here, but with the results they’ve been getting they could well drop by next Season.

11. Los Angeles Gladiators

Key Player: Ji-hyeok “birdring” Kim

LA Gladiators are a team who sit pretty firmly in the middle of the League. However, they’ve had a serious amount of roster changes in 2020.  Before the new season began, a number of new players joined the team. They haven’t been able to push the team up the rankings too much. They now have a number of big players in the team like Moth, birdring, and kevster. Although, their results haven’t quite shown that.

LA Gladiators were able to make it through to the bracket in the Summer Showdown and June Joust. With each tournament, they’ve lasted longer. However, they definitely aren’t approaching the quality of the top ten teams just yet.

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A-Tier Teams (6-10)

10. Washington Justice

Key Player: Gui-un “Decay” Jang

In 2021, Washington Justice has had quite a few great results. They have definitely pushed themselves into the A Tier. However, they are likely at the bottom of this category. They’ve failed to have any major good results but definitely gotten a few improvements In terms of their roster, they’ve had minimal changes so far. They lost Ria to retirement but gained Assassin a few months before. Washington’s stable squad might be part of why they’ve had a decent improvement in 2021.

Florida failed to get through the qualifiers for the June Joust. However, they did make progress in the May Melee. In the Summer Showdown they had a decent result too. They may have lost to Dallas, but getting a few matches inputs them the top half of the current batch of teams. Washington Justice has a lot of potential right now. If they can continue to build on it, they might be able to improve even more next season.

9. New York Excelsior

Key Player: Sung-Hyeon “JJoNaK” Bang

New York Excelsior might not be the best Overwatch League team. However, they’ve proven themselves to be in the top half of all playing at the moment. New York hasn’t had the easiest ride in the Overwatch League. In 2020, they only came in 7th in the regular season. This was a pretty big dip compared to third in the 2019 playoffs. However, in 2021, they seem to have made some changes for the better.

New York hasn’t had any major roster changes this season. A new coach came on board, and one player retired from Overwatch in general. However, their longer-term players JJoNaK have put in a strong performance. This has made New York rise in estimates quite a bit. They still have a long way to go though.

NYXL Roster


8. Atlanta Reign

Key Player: Kai “Kai” Collins

Atlanta Reign’s 2019 and 2020 seasons saw them place pretty firmly outside of the top batch. They failed to crack the top five, and generally always looked like they were missing an ingredient. In 2021, they’ve made a bigger impact. They came in third during the June Joust and fourth in the Summer Showdown. While they didn’t take home the top spot, they’ve shown how much they’ve improved.

Atlanta have only had one major change in the 2021 Season. They gained Kai, and some staff. In 2020 though, they had a lot more changes to their roster. While they’ve been fairly stable in 2021, the team has coped with changes to the game’s balance week to week a lot better. Atalanta Reign have had a great season. They’re definitely a team to watch for the rest of the season, and in 2022.

7. Philadelphia Fusion

Key Player: Lee “Carpe” Jae-hyeok

In OWL Power Rankings, Philadelphia Fusion have risen up in 2021. While they’ve failed to place at the June Joust or Summer Showdown, their performances have been strong. At the 2020 Grand Finals they came in 4th, a significant improvement over 2019. Philadelphia haven’t quite kept the pressure up this year, but they’re still one of the stand-out teams in the Overwatch League rankings.

Philadelphia’s strength partially comes from how strong their roster is. Their team has players like Poko, Carpe, and FunnyAstro, all of which make them stand out from the competition.

6. Hangzhou Spark

Key Player: Xu “Guxue” Qiulin

Hangzhou Spark have had a pretty solid run in the Overwatch League since 2019. They brought home decent placements in the playoffs and other events during 2020, including second at the Overwatch Shanghai Masters. In 2021, they’ve only made through to the top of the June Joust and still got knocked out with a. 5-8th placement. However, their results more speak to their tight competition in their half of the League.

Hangzhou can probably be best described as consistent. They’ve managed great games throughout the season, but not quite made it into the top five teams. They’ve had minimal roster additions in 2021, but lost a few players and overhauled a lot of their staff. Hopefully, once the new staff can settle in Hangzhou can break through a bit better in 2022.

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S-Tier Teams (1-5)

5. Seoul Dynasty

Key Player: Jaehui “Gesture” Hong

Seoul Dynasty have consistently been one of the best teams in the Asia section for the Overwatch League Rankings. While Seoul stay in the S-Tier of the league, they still lag quite a bit behind teams like Shanghai.

In 2021, their roster has been pretty stable. The only main addition is promoting Toyou up to the main roster. Promoting players from within is a move that can pay off well, and this stability in teams might be part of what’s helped Seoul perform so well this year.

4. San Francisco Shock

Key Player: Matthew “super” DeLisi

For quite a few years, Shock were the uncontested best Overwatch League team. Time’s change though. Shock took two back-to-back championships, but have really suffered in 2021. They haven’t managed to repeat these successes, and have even failed to make it through to the bracket of a few competitions.

Shock’s performance this season has been strong in places. ANS’s retirement did seem to hit the team hard. This was followed up in June with Striker retiring from the game. ANS returned to fill that gap which has been helpful, but it might not be permanent. While Shock have failed to follow up their previous success this year, they’re strong enough that they might still be able to pull it back. They remain one of the top teams, if not the best anymore.

SF Shock Celebrate

© San Francisco Shock

3. Chengdu Hunters

Key Player: Qui “GA9A” Jiaxin

In Overwatch League rankings, Chengdu Hunters have to sit somewhere near the top. In the Summer Showdown, they made it all the way through the bracket. While they didn’t fare as well in the June Joust, the May Melee went well too.

Chengdu have proven themselves to be in the top flight of the game consistently. While they’re currently getting outplayed by the first and second teams in the Overwatch League rankings, they’re one of the teams to watch for the end of season and beyond. They’ve had a retirement this season, but also two players promoted upwards. This stability for their roster seems to have played off.

2. Dallas Fuel

Key Player: Han-been “Hanbin” Chol

Dallas Fuel might be the biggest turnaround story for the current OWL Power Rankings. Back in the 2020 season, Dallas Fuel places 9-11th in the play-offs, that’s along with only finishing 13th in the regular-season standings. Going into 2020, this didn’t feel like the team to watch as a potential winner. They quickly turned things around though.

Dallas Fuel won the May Melee. They came in second in the June Joust, and third in the Summer Showdown. Dallas Fuel definitely stands out, especially in the western portion of the league.

1. Shanghai Dragons

Key Player: Min-seong “diem” Bae

When looking for the best Overwatch League teams, Shanghai Dragons are the standout this season. You only have to look at their results, winning in two of three tournaments along with coming second in the other. Even before this season though, they had a fantastic run. They were the undisputed best team in Asia in 2020, winning the playoffs and regular season.

Shanghai hasn’t had much movement in its roster this season. They’ve had a few players join, but little movement. The bulk of their team have been with them since 2019. That only leaves two members who joined 2020, and two in 2021. This longevity of players might be part of the reason for their success. Even with a change in the coach and the loss of players like Diem, Shanghai Dragons have remained a clear standout in Overwatch League power rankings and can be fairly called the best OWL team.

Previous Rankings

OWL 2020 Power Rankings

Here you can see our previous Power Rankings for 2020, as they were published a year ago. We keep this section archived, to track the changes and progress teams have made throughout the seasons.

20. Boston Uprising

Key Player: Sang-beom “Munchkin” Byeon

Hey, if you are last there is no place to go but up, as Boston Uprising face an uphill battle this season. They had to rebuild their roster entirely for the upcoming season and while there’s no doubting the success of their scouting team yet again, they are still facing a league stacked with talent and a roster that is fully rebuilt from scratch yet again.

It will come down to veteran Munchkin shooting his way for this new Uprising roster to make an impact in the league.

19. Paris Eternal

Key Player: Terence “SoOn” Tarlier

With the GOATS meta behind us, so is Paris Eternal. The team that strived last season’s meta is now facing a changing league and a failure to adapt. Eternal retained their core French roster and added some Korean Contenders players to their roster. However, the roster seems like a lackluster patchwork headlined by an experienced coach in Hee-won “RUSH” Yun and a gargantuan task to re-create a winning roster.

Overwatch League Rankings - Paris Eternal

© Blizzard Entertainment

18. Florida Mayhem

Key Player: Ha “Sayaplayer” Jeong-woo

Almost every season we have to rate Mayhem, and almost every season we make the same mistake of giving them more praise then they deserve. This time round we will do the opposite and maybe break the curse of the Florida squad.

During the off-season the organization once again released a large part of their players and crew and made new signings in their place. Once again we see the potential in their roster but we fear the results will not follow. Perhaps an easier travel schedule compared to the competition will give an additional boost for them, but we can’t know for sure until the season gets underway.

17. Los Angeles Valiant

Key Player: Kyle “KSF” Frandanisa

The Valiant organization is going through a hard rebuild after a relatively stable 2019 season. The offseason saw the organization lose players left right and center and to top it all off captain Scott “Custa” Kennedy announced his retirement from the game.

The team went full “Moneyball” after the fact, and signed a full roster packed with Rookies and Contenders talent. As of now, everyone is aware Valiant is aiming to build up their game in 2020 and nobody expects them to challenge for higher positions. If they do however, good on them.

16. Houston Outlaws

Key Player: Seung-soo “Jecse” Lee

The level of play within OWL has risen considerably since last year, and the confidence that Houston had in their players may be changing now that teams are being exposed to new standards.

To that end, Outlaws acquired three players in Rapel, MekO and Jecse to guide them through their 2020 season. While the players are an improvement in every role and Jecse is supposed to bring the synergy in the lineup, Outlaws are still stuck with some problems of old that won’t easily go away in this season.

We can rejoice however that the financial troubles are a thing of the past and Houston will finally have a representative in the League that’s here to make an impact.

15. Washington Justice

Key Player: Corey “Corey” Nigra

Justice’s 2019 season was bad all the way through the season. They tried to pick up some steam near the tail end of 2019, but It was too little too late. The team however, did not change radically in the off-season as they are still betting on ArK, Corey and Stratus to do the heavy lifting. They did however pick up Flex Support Minseok “AimGod” “Jeff” Kwon from Uprising to give their lineup some oompf.

Due to strength of schedule and five homestand weekends being played on their turf,  we are not rating Justice a bottom team this time round. But they do have long ways to go if they want to be relevant in the Overwatch League Rankings.

14. Chengdu Hunters

Key Player: Li “Yveltal” Xianyao

The Chengdu squad had a decent season last year and a lot of the credit for it went to head coach Xingrui “RUI” Wang. Coming into 2020, RUI had to put a hold to his coaching career and left the Hunters in a bit of pickle.

During the off-season, three new signings in Shao-Hua “ATing” Chen, Chengzhi “Molly” He and Jingyi “Lengsa” Che were delivered greatly increasing the team’s strength curve on paper. However, without their former coach the new roster feels lackluster at best and we simply cannot expect too much from the team until the possible return of RUI.

Best OWL Team Chengdu Hunters

© Blizzard Entertainment

13. London Spitfire

Key Player: Gil-Seong “Glister” Lim

Spitfire decided to rebuild their roster entirely for the upcoming season. The organization picked up a plethora of Korean Contenders players, 10 to be precise. Among those, Gil-Seong “Glister” Lim stands out as a solid pick up from the 2019 Gen.G power lineup. Another notable mention is Se-won BERNAR Shin whom they picked up from Fusion University. The veterancy on their roster however, comes in the form of Sung-hyeok “Highly” Lee the former Seoul Dynasty flex support.

All in all, Spitfire has built a nimble All-Korean roster that should strive in versatility and flex options. The downside is that the roster might take a while to rack up and find their winning formula. Additionally, the roster might never gel together well and we will be left with a lot of talent and zero commitment by Spitfire. Therefore, we give London a medium placement in our Overwatch League Rankings.

12. Toronto Defiant

Key Player: Andreas “Nevix” Karlsson

Defiant went on a shopping spree in the offseason and picked up five western players for the upcoming season. The decision instantly skyrocketed them to the top of the fan-favorite standings. In a League packed full with South Korean talent, Toronto decided to go the other way and grow the home grown talent instead.

Agilities, Beast, Surefour, Kellex and Nevix all found their home with the 2020 Defiant and are looking to prove they deserve to be there. However, all five of them have some consistency issues and can easily have an off-game as much as a carry one.

To top it all off, Defiant has a tough travel schedule throughout the season and it might prove too taxing on the roster by the end of it. Ultimately, if the players perform or cover each other’s weaknesses, we have a Cinderella story on our hands.

11. Dallas Fuel

Key Player: Aaron “Aero” Atkins

We know, It’s strange to put the Head Coach as the key player for the team. But the success of the roster will greatly rely on USA’s and Fuel’s head coach Aero in 2020. The Pacific Divison has brutal travel schedules for all teams participating and Dallas is no expectation. Additionally, they picked up three Korean omegatalents in Decay, Gamsu and Doha who will need to re-learn how to blend in Fuel’s environment.

Overall, there are the building blocks of a Play-Offs team in Dallas this year. If they manage their work-travel balance and focus on developing synergy, fans can surely expect their home squad to do well this season.

10. Guangzhou Charge

Key Player: Alberto “neptuNo” González

Guangzhou Charge have impressed immensely so far. This is one of those teams where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Once their team gets even the slightest advantage, they won’t hesitate to take their lead into overdrive and really stick it to their opponents.

Ninth place last year was a little higher than most analysts ranked them but Guangzhou delivered. For this year, they went on a similar path to many organizations and signed nine new players to their roster. The backgrounds of each individual varies as much as their playstyles, but each individual has immense potential and a high skill ceiling.

As we already stated, Charge always goes for the “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” angle and builds their roster on this philosophy. Based on what we see they are a strong contender for Playoffs in 2020 as well.

9. Hangzhou Spark

Key Player: Xu “Guxue” Qiulin

Spark exceeded all expectations in 2019 and ended up 4th in both the Regular season and Playoffs. After such a thrilling season, the team decided to follow a similar path to the Titans and Shock organizations and not rock the boat too much. They retain much of the roster that brought success in the previous season, but did however bring two new Supports in the form of Coldest and M1ka.

Why we haven’t put Hangzhou back in top five this year is the fact that the other organizations have probably caught on Spark’s playstyle and habits from last season. This means their game could be exploited by various teams which will end up tanking them in the standings.

Hangzhou Spark OWL 2020 Power Rankings

© Blizzard Entertainment

8. Seoul Dynasty

Key Player: Baek “Fissure” Chan-hyung (22)

Seoul Dynasty are an extremely hard team to gauge just purely based on their offseason dealings. While their roster has definitely upgraded since last season, there is nothing about this team that definitively puts them in a top team’s conversation until they start getting some consistency under their belts.

Profit and Gesture have the potential to play amazing and give the team the platform to win, but they are also high variance players in this new surroundings. We’ll have to watch Seoul closely in the coming weeks to determine just how potent their strengths are.

7. Los Angeles Gladiators

Key Player: Jonas “Shaz” Suovaara

David “dpei” Pei has built a roster and it seems like he plans to mold it in his vision for this Gladiators 2020. With 8 new signings in the off-season the LA squad followed suit like many others and fully rebuilt. The different for this team and all the others we ranked lower is the absolute boss of a coaching staff Gladiators has and the profile of players they recruited.

Name any of the eight players, be it LhCloudy, SPACE or birdring and even Jaru and you have a player that takes self-improvement and working hard above all. The Gladiators might start slow but they ramp up heavily towards the tail end of the season and definitely make Playoffs.

6. Atlanta Reign

Key Player: Hyun-jun “Pokpo” Park

The Reign had a good thing going in 2019 with Pokpo, Erster and Masaaa, however, the team did not seem satisfied with a measly 5th at the end of last season. During the offseason they signed Kim “Edison” Tae-Hoon and Hugo “SharP” Sahlberg to the roster and only ten days before the season kicks off they also added Fire and Kodak to the Support roster. This elevates their team even higher ceilings and if there wasn’t such high competition  at the top they would easily be a top 5 contender in our books.

5. Vancouver Titans

Key Player: Hyojong “Haksal” Kim

The record holding Titans are a force to be reckoned with in 2020 again. They shed some “fat” in the offseason by releasing Bumper, Hooreg, Rapel and TiZi. To replace their loss, they acquired Former/Retired/Active Support Chan-hyung “Fissure” Baek and Jehong “ryujehong” Ryu from Dynasty.

Looking at the 2020 roster, Titans retains much of the 19 wins in a row – regular season dominating power. They did lose some talented individuals and replaced them with other talent. So overall the offseason was a zero sum game, meaning we can still expect Vancouver feeling high and mighty again this season.

4. Shanghai Dragons

Key Player: Min-seong “diem” Bae

In one of the hotter trades of the 2019 offseason, Shanghai Dragons picked up Byung-sun Fleta Kim from Dynasty. Together with Diem and DDing, Shanghai now has a versatile DPS (Flex) roster paired with amazing tanks in the form of Geguri, Void, Stand1 and Fearless.

The Dragons have come a long way since their record setting 42 games losing streak and in 12 months have completely flipped the franchise around. This year we expect them to be easily among the Top 5 in all Overwatch League Power Rankings.

Shanghai Dragons Best Overwatch league team

© Blizzard Entertainment

3. New York Excelsior

Key Player: Jong-ryeol “Saebyeolbe” Park

NYXL likes to upgrade their roster in small spurts each season. As a result, they always have fresh talent and a strong stylistic base built around the team. Coming into 2020, the Excelsior squad acquired HOTBA, BiaNcA and WhoRU to complement the stable base Saebyeolbe, JJoNak and Mano have built.

As is tradition, NYXL is among the top rated teams and always delivers in performance. 2019 was not their year especially due to the “overperformance” of both the Titans and SF Shock. However, 2020 looks good and NYXL is a definite top three contender once again.

2. San Francisco Shock

Key Player: Jay “sinatraa” Won

San Francisco Shock are the undisputed champions of the OWL. The team seems to agree as they hardly made any roster moves in the offseason. Why would they change anything after being in the Final of every Phase last season and taking home the Trophy at the end of it all.

Coming into 2020, Shock remain as dominant as ever and are considered the odds favorite for taking home a back to back title for the first time in the OWL.

1. Philadelphia Fusion

Key Player: Lee “Carpe” Jae-hyeok

One of the key stories in the 2019 offseason was Fusion’s roster building prowess. The organization already had Carpe and account booster SADO on their roster but decided to triple-down on their squad. They signed Ivy, Fury, Eqo Alarm and FunnyAstro all in one go to form a super-duper squad of talent that reminds of the 2019 Shock in style and talent.

We have very high expectations for Fusion this year-round and they are our go-to bet OWL team.