Overwatch League Skins 2020 » New Season, New Skins

With the 2020 Overwatch League season having just launched – for the first time on YouTube instead of Twitch – some of the official teams have changed their Overwatch League skins. Well, to be more precise they’ve changed their colour scheme and thus have now released new skins for the 2020 OWL Season.

Overwatch League Skins: Change is coming

Specifically, three teams have reworked their colour palette – Florida Mayhem, Los Angeles Valiant, and San Francisco Shock. SFS have gone from having quite brightly coloured orange and yellow skins to a much cooler black with orange accents..

San Francisco Shock - OWL Skin 2020


Similarly, Valiant have gone from green/yellow to a nice contrasting blue/yellow combination. Their new skins were actually revealed before the 2020 OWL season by an overzealous social media team – that doesn’t make them any less cool though!

Los Angeles Valiant New Skin OWL 2020

© LA Valiant

The third team to have undergone change to their Overwatch League Skins 2020 skins is Florida Mayhem. Their change is the most radical – they went from a dark red and yellow to black and neon pink. It’s easily one of the most eye-catching colour combos in the entire league, especially thanks to the light blue accents also used.

Overwatch League Skins 2020 Florida Mayhem

© Florida Mayhem

Out with the old, in with the new

For fans of the older skins – sadly, they are no longer available. They probably won’t ever be either – all that’s available in the store now is the current skins. Conversely, if the new 2020 skins are your favorites, you can now grab them in the normal OWL skin store.

They are 100 Overwatch League tokens for the Home/Away skin combo, just as the old ones were. Of course, the other teams’ skins remain available as well – you can still buy the best league skins – assuming you have the tokens to do so.

As of this season, you won’t be able to get free tokens for watching streams as in previous seasons. Now that the OWL is partnered with YouTube instead of Twitch, there won’t be any freebies like before. You’ll have to buy the tokens with money.

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How to get Overwatch League skins

To kick off your Overwatch League Skins collecting season, Overwatch is honoring the staple 2019 GOATS meta. The newest addition available for players is GOAT Brigitte. The skin is available in the LIVE Client between February 6-19. The new skin features a medieval looking style and a fabulous tint gray and white to complement it. The skin will go back to the vault on February 20th. Regardless if you loved or hated the G.O.A.T.S meta the skin should be a keepsake to commemorate the 2019 season and celebrate the upcoming one.

The skin should cost around 200 OWL Tokens similar to the All-Star Overwatch League skins of years past. Do keep in mind that as of yet Overwatch League Tokens are only obtainable through purchase as Blizzard is yet to announce how they will award any tokens for side activities during the season.

The rest of the OWL

Despite these skin changes and the move to YouTube the rest of the OWL will stay much the same. Blizzard decided not to add any new teams to the existing roster. So, you’ll be seeing the same kind of Overwatch League Rankings you’re used to – the main change is the locations. Where previously matches were held mostly in one place, the company now introduced homestead matches for some (not all) of the teams.

Another thing that’s coming is the new MVP skin from last season. It’ll be a Zarya skin, designed by Sinatraa. If the previous season’s Zenyatta skin is anything to go by, it’ll be one of if not the best Overwatch league skins in 2020! It’ll take some time until we’ll know who the 2020 MVP is – no matter who earns that particular distinction though, we know that it’ll be a great season for the OWL.