Overwatch League’s Twitch just got a new feature

The countdown has begun – the new and much-anticipated Overwatch League Season is about to launch on Valentine’s Day aka February 14th. Just in time for that launch, and in addition to all the changes they made to the OWL itself, Blizzard just announced a new feature for their Twitch fans. It’s a new way to view the games and additional content on Twitch – the Overwatch League All-Access Pass. Alongside the main broadcasts, you now also get several more choices… how would you like to see the game from a pro player’s point of view? The pass lets you do just that – any player of your choice, any role, any time.


© Blizzard Entertainment

There are first-person views, overhead views and more – enjoy the OWL like never before. Though the pass isn’t free, you can give it a try for free before buying – you can have a free 48-hour trial at the beginning of every OWL stage on twitch.tv/overwatchleague.

In addition to all the cool viewing angles, you also get some additional benefits – for example 200 OWL tokens worth $9.99 (the pass itself costs $14.99). 100 tokens are enough to get you the home and away team skins for one hero, in other words, you can buy yourself four skins with these tokens.

You also get 20% off all OWL merch, though conditions apply, so you can sport your favourite team’s stuff in real life. Naturally, you can also enjoy ad-free viewing on all OWL Twitch channels and access a passholder-only chat to talk to other fans.

There are also several Q&As with Overwatch Pros you can participate in for buying a pass, 2 exclusive chat badges, 3 team-themed emotes and 500 bonus bits for Twitch Prime members if you have Twitch Prime when you buy the pass!

© Blizzard Entertainment

© Blizzard Entertainment

Though all of these extra benefits are great, it’s really the real-time first person views that make this pass such a game changer (pun intended). The choose your view feature is already making waves online, despite the OWL not having started yet. Fans are already calling for other esports to follow suit, as there are plenty of games where this type of view would be fun to watch for fans.

As for Overwatch – in a really busy game it can get tough to follow the action when everything is happening at once. This new feature could help with that – focusing on one player/character at a time, should make it a lot easier, not to mention more engaging… plus, who hasn’t wanted to put themselves in the proverbial shoes of their favourite pro?

Of course, this season there are even more of those since the OWL added new teams across its lineup, with fans already anticipating some major action from them… as well as the seasoned veterans of the OWL, of course. The very first game of the OWL is also one of the most anticipated ones – it’s Philadelphia Fusion vs London Spitfires, in other words, it’s a Grand Finals rematch right off the bat!