Overwatch League Week 7 – Seoul Dynasty, Online play and new format

The Overwatch League is back after a week long hiatus. Last weekend a decision was made by league organizers to cancel homestead weekends indefinitely. Alternatively, Blizzard arrived with some good news this past weekend to mitigate the vacuum the lack of competition created for us. The league is back with Online play and live broadcasts on Youtube starting with the upcoming weekend.

Seoul Dynasty makes a glorious return to the Overwatch League this week. The South Korean squad will finally play their first game of the 2020 season. We can enjoy two Dynasty games, the battle for LA and the battle for California this weekend.

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OWL Week 7 Schedule


Overwatch League Format

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak , Blizzard had to announce the cancellation of all homestand events in the foreseeable future. To save the season, league officials announced that all future OWL matches will be played in an online environment. As a result, an amended schedule has been published for the rest of the 2020 season.

The new format has been created with regional division in mind. All four teams playing in Week 7 are currently on the West Coast. All future competitive weeks are organized with the same idea. Currently the teams are divided in three main regional groups. West Coast, East Coast and China. Thus, ten out of the twenty teams are in the East Coast group.

Additionally, the Hero Pool gets an update starting from Week 7. Previously, heroes within a specific role with over 10% play rate had a chance of being pulled out of the Hero Pool rotation. Starting this week, a new ticket system has been in put place with the following breakdown:

  • Heroes with 10-25% play rate receive one ticket in the selection lottery
  • 25-50% play rate: two tickets
  • 50-75% play rate: three tickets
  • 75%+ play rate: four tickets

Finally, due to all limiting factors, the Mid-Season event has been cancelled, while the All Star event is moved all the way to end of the season.

OWL Week 7 Matches

This weekend kicks off with the 2019 Champions, SF Shock taking on Seoul Dynasty. Both teams have not overplayed this season as SF Shock only had 1 match so far, while Dynasty played none. The match presents a solid chance for the Korean squad to show their form coming into 2020. Following the opener, both LA squads will fight for dominance and the crown of Kings of Los Angeles. Both squads definitely need a win here, since both of them had a slow start to the season.

On day two, opponents swap with Dynasty taking on Gladiators, while Shock plays Valiant. Since the season gets a soft reset this weekend, meaning each team will strive to kick off the online format with a win.

Finally, the map selection for this week and all upcoming weeks will be as follows:

OWL Map Pool


Tune in at youtu.be/overwatchleague at the following times:

Saturday, March 21

11 AM PT (7PM CET)  San Francisco Shock vs. Seoul Dynasty
1 PM PT (9PM CET) Los Angeles Valiant vs. Los Angeles Gladiators

Sunday, March 22

11 AM PT (7PM CET) Seoul Dynasty vs. vs. Los Angeles Gladiators
1 PM PT (9PM CET) San Francisco Shock vs. Los Angeles Valiant

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