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Overwatch 2-2-2 Role Lock and remembering the legacy of Fissure

The Overwatch League commission is once again making headlines as the rumors have all been virtually confirmed for what’s to come in Stage Four. With the GOATS meta still prevalentMore

Overwatch League Round-up: Boston lose momentum, Houston finally pick up much needed wins

The Overwatch League’s mid table has begun to shake out indefinitely and the passing of the GOATS meta has been indicative of some major changes for teams that weren’t tooMore

Overwatch League Stage 3 Week 2: The grind begins

The current Stage in the OWL is truly the dividing part of the season as it determines who gets to see the Season Playoffs. While the Vancouver Titans, New YorkMore

New stage, new features: Overwatch League renovating replay system for pro play

In a recent announcement on the official Overwatch League website, Blizzard Entertainment have pulled out all the stops with the return of OWL this stage as they expect to improveMore

Overwatch League stage 3 week 1 preview: New York, San Francisco and Vancouver jostle for dominance

With the second half of the Overwatch League underway this week, the top four teams have begun to establish their dominance as the middle of the pack teams look toMore
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Overwatch vs. Fortnite: A tale of two pro scenes

Last week, both Blizzard Entertainment and Epic Games were in the headlines after the Overwatch League’s former commissioner, Nate Nanzer, switched companies and joined Epic Games in a sensational move.More

Overwatch PTR Patch Notes May 23: Replays feature enabled, Orisa and Baptiste get buffs

In the latest patch to hit the Overwatch PTR servers this week, Overwatch have finally released an in-client replay system that will grant players the ability to watch back theirMore

Overwatch “Skins in the Game” – Support your favorite OWL team!

The Overwatch League wants to count how much love and support we can give our favorite team with the new “Skins in the Game” mini-event running between May 27-31. ItMore

The Pacific Showdown is about to go down – Overwatch Contenders

Next to the official OWL, there is another popular Overwatch League – the Contenders. Where the OWL itself is made up entirely of pro players, the Contenders competitions are madeMore

A battle for supremacy – Overwatch Contenders 2019: Atlantic Showdown

Next weekend, the Overwatch Contenders scene is doing a one of a kind tournament format that will bring OW Contenders champions from three different regions onto the same stage asMore
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