Meet the lineup: Toronto Defiant reveal six man roster featuring Envy and Neko

The Toronto franchise have been busy with signings this week as they have added four new players to their lineup. The additions include a trio of players formerly of the Korean Contenders scene. The players have been announced finally for the Toronto Defiant as Do-hyung “Stellar” Lee, Seung-hyun “Ivy” Lee and Gyeong-mu “Lycan” Jo are all joining the team via O2 Ardeont. Rounding out the roster is Jae-yoon “Aid” Go who is joining the team via Houston Outlaws Academy team, GGEA.

Strength in unison

The Toronto franchise have been busy with acquisitions since their branding was revealed earlier in the month. After initial reports of signing Kang-jae “envy” Lee formerly of LA Valiant and Meta Bellum, the roster was off to a good start given envy’s pedigree within the league.


© Toronto Defiant

Although envy wasn’t able to show all of his skill during his short stint in the Overwatch League, his return to Overwatch Contenders: Korea was a triumphant one as he helped Meta Bellum reach a 3 – 4th place finish during Season Two. His flex tank play is strong on its own, and now with a new team to work with, envy is looking to dominate the league as the leader of the pack at Toronto.

Joining envy in the support role, Se-hyeon “Neko” Park is making his way to Toronto via the Boston Uprising after a turbulent season he endured last year. One of the main reasons that made Neko look for new horizons in 2019 was the schism that started taking place between the western and eastern players in Boston.


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The atmosphere being developed in Toronto seems like a competitive one that is based on having the entire roster on the same page. Neko and envy have both been on the sour end of team scenarios but the greener pastures in Toronto will surely bring new life to them as players, and to the region as they can get behind a team with established synergy.

New additions, new strengths?

With the known commodities joining Toronto already being discussed, it’s time to take a look at the new faces joining the Defiant from abroad. Starting with their DPS core, the duo of Ivy and Stellar are looking to light up the league with their intricate styles as both players have unique skills that can put them above the curve.


© Toronto Defiant

Stellar has been known to frequent the Tracer pick for O2 Ardeont on a regular basis in Korea, and with Tracer being so regularly effective in the meta during the Overwatch League he will have a whole new set of DPS players to prove himself against.

Ivy on the other hand is a seasoned projectile DPS that has no problem flexing his hero pool to whatever the team may need. His Genji, Pharah and Sombra have all been hallmarks to his game since he became a regular within the Korean scene. Even though O2 Ardeont didn’t finish as high as they did in Season One for the Contenders series, his play remained a constant in the teams dismal performances and with an upgrade in team structure the skies are truly the limit for Ivy and co.

Coming in at Main Tank for the Toronto Defiant is Lycan, also from the O2 Ardeont lineup. His Winston and Reinhardt are by far his best heroes in the role and he has the potential to regularly become the anchor for his team in this new environment.


© Toronto Defiant

Joining him on Main Support is Aid, the former GGEA Support. Aid is a peculiar case due to his weird ascent to the Overwatch League stage after making his way from Korea a year ago. His role on GC Busan and ROX Orcas was an understated one as he was one of the more important players on already stacked lineups.

Although he wasn’t utilized effectively on GGEA this new Toronto lineup has enough potential to succeed and they have a synergistic boost with all the O2 Ardeont players that are coming in this package deal.