Overwatch Update reveals new epic Ana skin to accompany Bastet short story

The Overwatch community has been busy with a new edition of lore added to the community with Blizzard’s short story, Bastet, that was published recently by the company. In commemoration with the release, Overwatch has kicked off Ana’s Bastet Challenge, that will take place from January 8 to January 21. During this event, players can play weekly challenges and unlock special sprays, victory poses and an Epic Ana skin for winning their Arcade games and watching select streamers on Twitch.

Ana’s Bastet Challenge

After a strong start upon Overwatch’s release, fans of the lore that accompanied such a rich character roster have been peeved at the fact there hasn’t been more content to gravitate towards. With the new year on the horizon, Blizzard have attempted to correct some of those issues with their first ‘Overwatch lore’ to come out in several months in the form of the short story, Bastet.

@ Blizzard Entertainment

The story follows Ana and traces her back to her roots as a sniper in Cairo. The story made waves initially as it revealed a minor storyline about one of the most popular heroes in Overwatch, Soldier: 76. It was confirmed through Bastet that Soldier: 76 is, in fact, the second LGBTQ friendly hero alongside Tracer. Tracer’s sexual preference was also slightly hinted at during an Overwatch comic that was released just over two years ago.

After the buzz of Bastet reached a fever pitch, Blizzard decided to capitalize on the momentum and release a slew of new character content that would accompany this release. For the next two weeks, regular players of Overwatch can compete in the Arcade game modes in order to win some of the new content that’s being released for Ana’s Bastet Challenge.

For every three wins in the event game modes, there’s tiered rewards to unlock for each milestone. At three wins, you earn a player icon. At six wins, you can unlock a victory pose and at nine wins, you are eligible to unlock the epic Bastet Ana skin. On top of that, watching promoted Twitch streamers during the event can net you five Ana’s Bastet Challenge sprays. You can check out the official blog for more details on Blizzard’s main website.

@ Blizzard Entertainment

The update also includes skins for the Overwatch League. You can buy a Hero skin for the Atlanta Reign, Chengdu Hunters, Guangzhou Charge, Hangzhou Spark, Paris Eternal, Toronto Defiant, Vancouver Titans, and Washington Justice. You can get each one for 100 OWL tokens, which includes both the home and away outfits. The 2019 season will kick off on February 14.

Until then, you can keep occupied with the several game modes Overwatch has in rotation for this event, and win a slew of new prizes just for participating in the action!