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PUBG’s Public NA Qualifier for $2M tournament starts next week

If you didn’t know already, PUBG Corp. is set to host one of the biggest esports tournaments ever later this year, and qualifiers will be open for all players toMore

The StarCraft 2 World Championship Series returns to Austin

May is an amazing month for StarCraft fans, with major tournaments for both the remastered version and the latest installment in the series. While Brood War fans are anxiously waitingMore

Heroes of the Storm fans can buy BlizzCon Opening Week 2018 Tickets

May is normally a quiet month for Heroes of the Storm players who prepare for the tournaments of June. In 2018, the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Mid-Season BrawlMore
Call of Duty

Treyarch to Unveil New Call of Duty Black Ops 4 on May 17

Call of Duty is the second most popular first-person shooter after Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, when it comes to the frequency and magnitude of tournaments. In addition to being an esportsMore

Overwatch Patch Update: Pink Mercy arrives as Brigitte faces changes

The start of a new season in competitive play for Overwatch has brought the introduction of a new map last week with Rialto. The escort map was playable during theMore
Esports Industry

The new epicentre of esports? Japan

For a nation that has given us video gaming powerhouses like Nintendo, Sony and Bandai Namco, Japan has proven to be remarkably resistant to joining in the competitive gaming phenomenon.More

4 Reasons why Fortnite is the most viewed game on the Internet

You’ve probably seen how much of an impact Fortnite has had on internet culture over the past few months. It’s very surprising to see a game take the world byMore
Esports Industry

World of Warcraft’s gold is now 7 times more valuable than Venezuela’s actual currency

Venezuela’s official currency—the bolivar—is on a rapid decline. And that’s putting it lightly. In fact, its fall was so severe that the bolivar is now worth seven times less thanMore

The Top 5 CS:GO Teams You Should Be Following Right Now

As the year has progressed, the 5 teams at the top of competitive CS:GO have completely changed. SK and Cloud9 have been kicked off of the top spot, and returningMore
Dota 2

The International 2018 Battle Pass Has Arrived

Finally, after many weeks of speculation and wondering, The International 2018 Battle Pass is here. This article presents some of its key features and the reasons why you should definitelyMore
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