Paper Rex is the team to watch at VCT Masters Copenhagen 2022

Paper Rex has caught the eyes of many fans after their Reykjavik showcase. Coming into VCT Masters Copenhagen they are considered dark horses in the tournament by some and favorites by others. What makes the best team in the APAC region so unique?

In 2021 Paper Rex had qualified for VCT Masters Berlin but sadly lost their first two games and got knocked within the group stage. In Reykjavik they bounced back and placed 4th, surprising all analysts and predictors. Currently on an impressive win-loss record of 92/22. The team is currently ranked 1st within the rankings in the APAC region and on an 8-game win streak.

Paper Rex Valorant

Paper Rex roster looks insane on paper

Paper Rex was established in January 2020 by renowned Counter-Strike player Harley “dsn” rwall and Nikhil “nikH” Hathiramani, the creator and chief editor of CSGO2ASIA. Within this iteration of VCT Masters, Paper Rex won the APAC qualifiers and thus doesn’t need to play in the group stages of the tournament.

At VCT Reykjavik they placed 4th which in the eyes of many was quite the achievement for a team like them back then. Currently, the players in Paper Rex are as follows:

  •       mindfreak
  •       f0rsakeN
  •       Benkai (Captain/IGL)
  •       d4v41
  •       Jinggg
  •       JdFaker (Manager)
  •       Alecks (Coach)

While if one had to generalise their playing style in-game, it would be all-out aggression with a tad bit of trolling just for fun. They are as focused as one could be with their strategies and line-ups. One could say they are the most aggressive team worldwide in the game. While most teams tend to change their style based on the opponent or map, Paper Rex does not follow the same ideology.

Each region has some similarities and differences in their playstyle when compared to one another. While one might use a 3 initiator setup with no duelist on the other hand one team can use a 2 duelist composition on the game map. Paper Rex breaks the mold and can go aboslutely crazy in their lineups to really mind-game their opponents.

Expectations from Paper Rex at VCT Masters Copenhagen

As they are a team who only wants to bring chaos, they have a style which makes the most out of aim duels and forces the bait usage from the opposing teams. It is quite entertaining for many fans to watch as it brings a break of fresh air. One might say that the Asian teams in the tournament could be their point of struggle as many have seen them play or played against them in the regional tournaments.

With most of their team having a positive kill/death ratio in the official matches, it must be stated that there is quite a bit of fluidity between the players in the roles they play. A player like D4v41 is their main initiator who mostly is one of the initiators while Benkai due to his playstyle can switch between a controller or initiator and sometimes even a sentinel-like Cypher.

One player to watch out for is F0rsaken who is their primary duelist and can be majorly be seeing playing either Jett or Chamber. While one stat everyone should keep in mind is that his Average Combat Score or ACS is currently at 284.7 which just goes to show the impact he has on each game.

Overall there is quite a high chance to see Paper Rex in the Top 4 of this tournament as well while having not a slim but a good possibility to win VCT Masters Copenhagen.