Paris Hilton will hold virtual parties in The Sandbox metaverse

The Sandbox NFT game is never shy when it comes to breaking the trending headlines in the crypto gaming space.

With a number of triple A collaborations already under their belt, they seem to be the web3 gift that keeps on giving!

They have recently announced via their official blog that Paris Hilton is set to join in on the fun that is being had within the metaverse.


Image Credits | The Sandbox

The Metaverse Mansion

This new announcement sees Paris collaborate with 11:11 media (which is a marketing agency) bringing The Sandbox players a new immersive experience.

You will be able to engage with Paris at her very own metaverse mansion, a replica of one of her own ones in the physical world. Her mansion will be built on The Sandbox’s LAND, the virtual real estate you can buy within the game. Cool right?

Many of The Sandbox’s LAND has sold in the past for sums that reach the 5 and 6 figures.

In previous collaborations Hilton has worked alongside the famous title Roblox, where players could experience VR gameplay with her. This was called Paris World which held Paris’ own fashion show and further collaborations with the denim brand, Levi’s.

The main purpose of these instalments into the game were to allow gamers to use their own virtual avatar to socialise. As this is based around cryptocurrencies, players could also purchase microtransactions for NFTs and in-game items.

“I am beyond excited to expand Paris World further into the metaverse,” Hilton said in a statement. “In collaboration with my amazing partner The Sandbox, my team is dedicated to building an incredible real-life experience for my fans.”

A Unique Digital Experience

Digital experiences such as this have not been hard to come by when looking at The Sandbox game.

The likes of Snoop Dogg, Slipknot and Deadmau5 have entered the metaverse and with the sheer popularity these artists have it is an indication of the possibilities for the music and entertainment they have when entering Web3.


Image Credits | Pledge Times

Paris herself has further commented on the influence that Snoop Dogg has had over this most recent venture.

Snoop Dogg’s original event within the metaverse was a success with his NFT avatar collection and also the ‘Snoop Dogg Private Party’

The Snoop Dogg NFT collection has a current floor price of $1800 showing how popular the NFT collaboration was for the infamous rapper.

Reports from credible sources are showing that the metaverse has an upwork trajectory ahead for it.

From 2020 since its major boom, the industry was valued at around $27.21 billion which at the time was impressive.

However, by 2030 this number is said to increase drastically all the way up to $824.53 billion. Through the help of more retail and institutional investors this could increase even more as many businesses and establishments will be willing to pump vasts amounts of capital into their given metaverse projects.

Are you excited for this upcoming partnership? With the vast amount of content found in The Sandbox metaverse this is definitely not the last time we will hear about this Web3 project!