PGL Major Antwerp 2022 – The next CSGO major heads to Belgium

The first details have just emerged for 2022’s inaugural CS GO major. The PGL CS GO Major Antwerp 2022 will be taking place in May. The event is going to feature a tweaked format and some of the top teams competing in the game. What’s more, the tournament is going to be opening its doors up to spectators for the playoffs.

The return of in-person crowds is definitely going to boost things for the first major for the year.

PGL Major 2022

PGL CSGO Major Antwerp 2022

The first major for the year has just been detailed in full. It will be the PGL CS GO Major Antwerp 2022. This is going to be held in Belgium. The event is going to be opening back up to the fans for the first time in quite a while. A live crowd adds a certain atmosphere that has been lacking from a lot of esports recently. While the streams have done their best to keep spirits up, this is a good change. The PGL CS GO Major Antwerp 2022  will be taking place over May 19-22.

This is going to be a big tournament with a $1 million prize pool on offer for players. Big stakes like this are the perfect way to return to in-person crowds for the game. They have a pretty big stadium to fill this time around for CSGO. The tournament is taking place at 18,000-seater.

This event boasts a big prize pool, live offline competition with a crowd, and the build-up of the wait for a major. The PGL CS GO Major Antwerp 2022 looks set to be an exciting tournament. While 24 teams will be competing in total, they’re divided up by their rankings. This will be 8 teams in the Legends tier coming. The Challengers will also feature 8, along with another 8 for Contenders. However, each of the tiers pulls their teams from the major rankings for the regions.

Format and Stages for 2022 Antwerp Major

The New Challengers stage will kick things off. These are elimination and advancement matches played in best of 3. The Bucholz system decides the seeds here from rounds 3-5. The bottom teams are going to be eliminated along with the top moving through to the next stage. The New Legends Stage will be held in the same way, with the top 8 also moving forward.

The Swiss System in use for the event is going to be a bit different from what’s often standard. Essentially there are 5 rounds with teams facing each other in various combinations.

The New Champions Stage will be the final part of the competition. This is a single-elimination bracket with matches played best of 3.  If you’re looking at CS GO betting, this is the biggest part of the tournament.

If you can’t make it to the in-person tournament, there will still be some streams. This is going to be the second-ever CS GO major to be broadcast in 4K. So fans at home can enjoy the event in some of the best quality it’s ever been in.