Gambit seeking easy winnings at the Pinnacle Cup

Even though this CSGO tournament is happening under the radar, it would be in your best interest to not miss out on it. The Pinnacle Cup features some heavy hitters mixed up with some up and coming talent in the CSGO scene.

Our small guide will provide you with general overview and our expectations for the upcoming matches. Let’s get straight into it.

Pinnacle Cup CSGO

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Pinnacle Cup Format

The event itself is split into three sections, Play-ins, Group Stage, and Playoffs. The Play-Ins are going to be especially interesting, since all of the matches are played in the best-of-three format, except the opening ones. Out of 16 teams competing in the Play-in, 4 will book themselves a spot in the Pinnacle Cup main event.

The main event will feature a Swiss stage with 16 teams competing. Every match is going to be played in a best-of-three series, and the best 8 teams will advance into Playoffs.

Finally, the Playoffs are once again built around a best-of-three format within a single-elimination bracket. This means that teams will not get a second chance. If they lose one match, they are eliminated.

Overall there are more than 50 best-of-three series to be played at this event. If you are going for a tournament to fill out your accumulator bets with in the next month, you should look no further.

Pinnacle Cup Betting Expectations

Out of the 16 teams in the Play-in stage, it is quite hard to pick the ones that will advance through to the Pinnacle Cup main event. One team, in particular, caught our eye though.

Apeks is a rock-solid team built around young guns and veterans. They are a perfect fit and they should easily advance through as they really do not have any competition in the Play-in stage.

On paper, Nordavind should also have an easy time in this event, and we believe that this is going to be the case. They have excellent individuals and they should muscle their way out from the Play-ins.

For the Group/Swiss stage, we are opting in with 4 teams. TeamOne has a lot of potential and their star players are playing at a high level right now. On top of that, OSKAR has found his groove late in his career and he is one of the best-rated CSGO players right now. From our perspective, he is going to carry SINNERS Esports easily throughout the group stage.

Winstrike is another team that we have a strong lean on. CIS is a tough region to compete in and Winstrike proved time and time again that they can be on par with some of the best teams on the scene. Even though this team is inexperienced, they should stomp most of the teams in the Swiss stage.

Last but not least, f0rest and friberg are playing one of the last CSGO tournaments in their careers. This time around, the experience these two have should be more than enough to qualify for the Playoffs. Dignitas is the fourth team expected to advance through to the Playoffs.

Finally, two teams got a direct invite to the playoffs stage, FunPlus Phoenix and Gambit.

Given the fact that Gambit literally stomped everyone at IEM Katowice 2021, we simply can’t miss out on this bet and we believe that they will win this tournament with ease. Getting an $80,000 payday is not loose change after all.

Pinnacle Bonus
No bonus offers, just great esports odds
In the end, its only logical to head over to Pinnacle and place your winning predictions for this event. They currently feature the best odd, paired with all the exotic markets you can think of.

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