Play-To-Die model is making itself known within the metaverse

This new play model is built on blockchain gaming fundamentals and is trying to implement real life death into the metaverse. Where in-game deaths cannot be reversed…

Many games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty feature game modes that require gamers to be full of skill and tactics. Search and Destroy is a game mode that gives players one life per round which makes gamers really put their skills to the test. Similarly with Fortnite Battle Royale where players have one chance to get as far into the game as possible. Traditionally these styles of games breed high class players that ooze tactics in every game they appear in.


Image Credits | The Cryptonomist

What is Play-To-Die?

Crypto personality Dave Stanton has proposed this new concept. One thing crypto gaming has done so far has revolutionised traditional gaming we all know and love, so this new headline will come as no surprise to many.

Players will purchase an NFT character that is minted on the blockchain and once they die within the game, they are gone forever. This new idea from Stanton opens up new ways to play and earn, which we will cover further below!

Once the NFT character dies in-game, it is then burned following a similar concept that is found in cryptocurrency investing and trading.

However Stanton believes that our current games have “nothing more than a feedback mechanism that you have performed poorly in a certain aspect of gameplay.” When applied to crypto gaming, Play-To-Die can “unlock new experiences in gameplay, new earning opportunities for gamers, and potentially create some of the most enticing spectator experiences ever.”

One thing many will argue about our current action games such as Fortnite et al, is the lack of real world value that the in-game collectibles. Stanton hopes that the interchangeability amongst different blockchains can create inherent value for digital assets.

“This interoperability could manifest in many ways. Being able to use a character in multiple games is an obvious one. I think there could also be promotional partnerships, membership opportunities and many more we can’t imagine at the moment,”.

Focus on Player Skill

NFTs as a whole have been on blast recently for their use cases and whether or not they actually do hold value. Many crypto celebrities and online personalities have been on the back end of rigorous lawsuits and legal ordeals which has left a sour taste in the everyday investors mouth.

Once games and popular developers take on NFTs in their titles, in the context of gaming they will thrive as they give holders more transparency and control over what they own.

In Stanton’s context players will be merited on their skill and time playing their favourite games which adds to the lucrative nature of crypto gaming.

“Theoretically, highly skilled characters would be rare since many would die all the time in game. They can then play with this character or sell it to someone who wants a skilled fighter but doesn’t want to put in the work to achieve it.”

We love to hear about new ideas and prospects within crypto gaming. Creating new ideas like this and publishing them to online communities opens up discussions for development and advancement. Building a new way to game is at the forefront of all new crypto related titles and projects.

Hopefully the Play-To-Die model is put into practice for us to try out, be on the lookout if this has caught your interest!