PMPL Fall Season Schedule Announced – Everything you need to know

With Spring Season of the PUBG Mobile Esports roadmap drawing to a close, Tencent has unveiled the schedule for the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Fall Season 2022. The fall season for the 13 different Pro Leagues will happen between June 20 and Oct. 2.

PMPL Fall Schedule 2022

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PMPL Fall Season: The complete schedule for the League Stage and Finals

Middle East & Africa

The MENA region is getting their own separate leagues for both Middle-East and Africa separately.

  • PMPL Arabia
    League: June 20 to July 8
    Finals: July 21 to 23
  • PMPL Africa
    League: Aug. 30 to Sept. 25
    Finals: Sept. 30 to Oct. 2

Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asia region’s four PMPL in the Vietnam, MY/SG/PH, Thailand, and Indonesia regions during the Fall Season will run concurrently.

PMPL Vietnam, MY/SG/PH, Thailand, and Indonesia
League: July 20 to Aug. 7
Finals: Aug. 26 to 28


The three PMPLs in the Americas will also be running concurrently.

PMPL Brazil, LATAM, and North America
League: Aug. 26 to Oct. 2
Finals: Oct. 7 to 9


  • PMPL Turkey
    League: Aug. 26 to Oct. 2
    Finals: Oct. 7 to 9
  • PMPL Western Europe
    League: Aug. 30 to Sept. 25
    Finals: Sept. 30 to Oct. 2

South Asia

The two South Asian PMPLs, namely Pakistan and South Asia, will also follow the same schedule.

PMPL Pakistan and South Asia
League: Aug. 29 to Sept. 25
Finals: Sept. 30 to Oct. 2

PMPL Fall Season: What will be the format and the teams competing?

While Tencent hasn’t revealed the exact format yet, the PMPL Fall Season is expected to be similar to the spring in most regions. This includes a three-week-long league stage with each week consisting of weekdays and the Super Weekends.

Twenty teams will compete on the weekdays for 16 spots in the subsequent Super Weekend. At the end of three weeks, the top 16 teams from the Super Weekend rankings will make it to the Finals.

In 2022, PUBG Mobile esports reverted to a yearly format for the PMPL. To provide more stability to the teams, the bottom-ranked teams from the spring season won’t be relegated. The relegation will happen after the entire year.

When will the PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) happen?

Looking at the schedule of the fall season, you may be wondering when the anticipated PMWI will take place? The PMWI was announced last month but Tencent hasn’t revealed any details about it yet.

A report by EsportGen has said that Gamers8 will be hosting the PMWI in Saudi Arabia in August. It will have a total prize pool of $4 million. wasn’t independently able to verify these sources.

What will happen after the PMPL Fall Season?

Similar to the spring, the top teams from each region of the PMPL Fall Season will qualify for the championship. There will be five championships for the Middle East and Africa, SEA, Americas, Europe, and South Asia regions.

From here, the best-of-the-best will advance to the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 to crown a world champion.