Pokémon GO adds mysterious coins ahead of Scarlet Violet release

Pokémon fans who are playing Pokémon GO and will be playing Scarlet and Violet when it releases can look forward to a lot of crossover. It is almost a virtual assurance that some of the new creatures found in Paldea, such as Armarouge, Bellibolt, Fidough and more, will appear in the mobile game sooner than later.

The two Legendary Pokémon, Koraidon and Miraidon, will likely appear in Raids when the game releases, too. There will probably be a Paldea-centric event, too. The near future for Pokémon GO will hold a lot for fans of Scarlet and Violet.

Scarlet Violet Coin

Despite the game not being available for another two weeks, Niantic and The Pokémon Company have already begun the crossover. In advance of the highly anticipated release, trainers are already finding things from the undiscovered Paldea Region.

Paldea coins and new Pokémon showing up in Pokémon GO now

Followers of Pokémon accounts on social media have more than likely seen plenty of hints and teases about these mysterious coins. They’re a part of Pokémon GO now, as trainers can collect them from yellow Pokéstops. Pokéstops are blue unless there is some sort of event, so the blue ones do not hold any coins.

Each yellow Pokéstop doesn’t guarantee a coin, but it does have the only opportunity.

Upon the first collection of a coin, trainers will see Professor Willow on-screen to discuss it. He will receive a call from Mr. Jacq, a teacher in the Paldea region. The two will discuss the strange new coin and decide to investigate it instead of what they had previously decided.

After that, trainers will see an unknown coin in their item bag and a small Pokémon following them around on the map for a little while. It moves about in the same manner as a Buddy Pokémon, but much smaller.

Gimmighoul revealed ahead of Scarlet and Violet release

The small Pokémon was revealed to be called Gimmighoul, and has two forms. The first form is the Roaming Form. The second form is in a treasure chest and is called Chest Form.


Gimmighoul in Chest Form

The Chest Form has been given stats and abilities ahead of the game’s release, while its Roaming Form hasn’t. Chest Form is:

  • Ghost Type
  • One foot tall
  • 11 pounds
  • Rattled is its ability

In Paldea, it will appear in the overworld like a chest and can be caught, battled and interacted with like any other ‘mon.

Based on the interactions between Jacq and Willow, it’s safe to assume that the Chest Form and Roaming Form might be exclusive to Scarlet and Violet and GO, respectively. Jacq mentioned that no one had caught a Gimmighoul outside of its chest, and Willow mentioned that they weren’t having that issue in GO.

It’s still unclear what the reason is for including the new Pokémon early in GO or why there are two forms unique to different games. Much of the coin, Gimmighoul and Scarlet and Violet remain a mystery.

When the game releases on November 18, more information will be available. In the meantime, Pokémon social media accounts might continue dropping hints and teases about Gimmighoul and other upcoming ‘mons.