Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer shows what trainers can expect

The latest trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet was released today at 9 am EST. The Pokémon Company gave excited players their first real look at the game with a lengthy video. Here’s what you need to know.

Pokemon Scralet and Violet

Everything you need to know from the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer

The trailer began showing a battle between Quaxly, the Water starter in the Paldea region, and LeChonk, a brand new Pokémon this generation. After one move, Quaxly was able to terastalize, a new mechanic that is unique to Paldea. It is similar to Mega Evolutions and Dynamaxing from previous generations.


The terastalizing is not limited to Pokémon in battles, though. If you see a glowing Pokémon in your travels, it will terastalize as soon as you begin a battle. It will be considered a Wild Tera Pokémon. After enough damage, the Pokémon will lose its terastalization.

Terastalization adds power to the Pokémon’s Tera type moves. For example, a Jigglypuff is a Normal Fairy dual type, but its Tera type is Water. The Tera type for any Pokémon can theoretically be any type regardless of their initial type status.

Scarlet and Violet

Tera type can be totally different

Tera Blast is a brand new move introduced this time around. It changes type to match the Tera type, thus increasing the damage done.

Battling, Items & Evolution

A new mechanic is coming for this generation. Rather than entering and battling yourself, you may give your buddy Pokémon the “Let’s Go” command and it will go and battle the wild Pokémon on its own. This can also be done for nearby items.

Team Star are the antagonists this time around. To challenge them, trainers will have to enter their base. Inside, the grunts will send endless Pokémon at you. The Let’s Go command will be extremely useful here. A boss fight is triggered after defeating the grunts. As you proceed through the story, you will have to face Titans. These are incredibly strong Pokémon. Klawf is one of them.

TMs are valuable items in the Pokémon franchise. Technical Machines are a way to change moves for certain Pokémon. Ordinarily, they are found in the wild. That can happen in Scarlet and Violet, but there’s also a machine that makes them out of materials you can collect.

Now, Pokémon can evolve in the wild as you play with them. Girafarig previously had no evolution, but is now able to evolve into Farigiraf.

Scarlet and Violet


Many other non-evolving Pokémon are rumored to get evolutions in Generation IV, but none were revealed. They did not reveal the starter Pokémon evolutions, either.

Borrowing features from other Pokémon products

The Pokémon Company is integrating a few features from other games. Pokémon Snap is a game in which trainers photograph the creatures, a feature being added to Scarlet and Violet. You can even take selfies with them!

When picnicking, trainers might find Pokémon eggs to hatch in their basket. Picnicking is similar to the camping feature from Sword and Shield. Making food is another old feature returning, but eating quality food can impact your gameplay. It can make certain Pokémon easier to fight, easier to catch, stronger and more.

In Pokémon Sword and Shield, trainers could group up to fight Dynamax Raid battles. This time around, they can do the same for Tera Raid battles.

Lastly, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet releases on November 18.

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