Pokémon GO Spotlight Hours for October 2022 – Full Breakdown

October is here, which means several new weeks of Pokémon GO content. New raids, new spawns and new events are coming in the next few weeks. Every Tuesday will see the usual Spotlight Hour. Last month had several great featured Pokémon on Tuesday evenings, with Aron, Minccino, Ralts and Munna all getting time in the, well, spotlight.

potlight Hour

Shiny Shuppet and Banette

Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour Schedule – October 2022

There are four Tuesdays on the calendar for October. Here’s the schedule, what bonuses are available and the all-important question of whether or not the Pokémon can be shiny.

Purrloin – October 4, 6-7 PM Local Time

The first Pokémon in the Spotlight will be Purrloin. Purrloin hails from Generation V and the Unova region. It evolves into Liepard with 50 candies, so trainers who have not had the opportunity yet to evolve the feline Pokémon should take advantage of it.

For this Spotlight Hour, trainers will be treated to a bonus of twice the evolution XP. During that hour, any Purrloins that are evolved into Liepards (or any Pokémon evolved at all) will be met with twice as much XP as they normally would.

Unfortunately, shiny Purrloin has not yet made its debut in Pokémon GO, so shiny hunters will be unsuccessful this week.

Haunter – October 11, 6-7 PM Local Time

The second Pokémon that trainers will get a chance to catch this month is Haunter. Haunter is the middle evolution of Gastly, a Ghost type Pokémon from Generation I and the Kanto region. Haunter evolves into Gengar with 100 candies and from Gastly at 25.

During the hour, trainers will twice as much catch stardust. Under normal circumstances (no weather boost, star fragments or anything else), trainers earn 100 stardust per caught Pokémon, so for one hour, they’ll be able to get at least 200.

Unfortunately, this also cannot be shiny. It is a middle evolution, which means it can’t be shiny at all. Base evolutions and some final evolutions (if there is a Mega version in Pokémon GO) can be shiny. On rare occasions, middle evolutions can be shiny, but not this time around.

Misdreavus October 18, 6-7 PM Local Time

Misdreavus will be the third Pokémon featured in October, keeping with the spooky theme for the Halloween season. It is a Ghost type from Generation II and the Johto region. It evolves into Mismagius at 100 candies and with a Sinnoh Stone.

From 6-7 pm local time, Pokémon GO players can earn twice as much catch XP. This is normally contingent on the type of throw, the level of quality of the throw (nice, great, excellent) and other factors. For one hour, though, twice as much will be given.

Fortunately, Misdreavus can be shiny! Being a base evolution means there’s a high likelihood of it having a shiny version in the game, and the shiny version of Misdreavus debuted a long time ago.

Shuppet – October 25, 6-7 PM Local Time

Shuppet is the fourth and final Pokémon featured in the Spotlight Hour for October 2022. It is another Ghost type hailing from Generation III. It evolves into Banette at 50 candies and no evolution stone.

During the final Spotlight Hour of the month, trainers will be treated to twice as much evolution XP once again. When you evolve your Shuppet into Banette, it will give you twice as much XP as normal. The final Pokémon of the month can also be shiny. Shiny Shuppet debuted in the game a long time ago and that means shiny Banette is also available.