How to get coins in Pokémon GO

Given that they are the preeminent form of currency in the game, many fans may be wondering how to get coins in Pokémon GO. Without them, trainers can’t buy items, expand their Pokémon storage and more. They’re extremely valuable and not all that easy to get. Fortunately, this guide will detail exactly how you can earn coins in Niantic’s smash hit.

How to get coins in Pokémon GO with ease

Coins come primarily from one method: gyms. On the map, you will see Pokéstops and Gyms. Gyms are the larger ones that are typically yellow, blue or red. Occasionally, they will be grey and they often have Raid bosses within a Pokemon Go Raid schedule in them. These are the key to getting coins in Pokémon GO as it is the defense of them that earns coins. When you come across a gym, if it is your team’s color (Blue for Mystic, Yellow for Instinct and Red for Valor) you should add a Pokémon to its defense if you can.


Pokemon GO Coins

A gym can have up to six Pokémon defending it. Those in populated areas will often be pretty full, so try to check and put one in every single one that you possibly can. If it’s not your team’s color, you can attack and take it down. This requires you to defeat each Pokémon in the gym three times. That is if the owners of the Pokémon do not feed them any berries. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be a solo effort. If someone defeats a Pokémon once and leaves, you will only have to do it twice.

The first time you defeat them,  it will drop their health by one third. The second will do the same and the the third should reduce its health to zero and kick it out. Once all Pokémon are kicked out, you can put one in for your own team. At that point, you begin earning coins, albeit at a fairly slow rate.

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Coin rate in Pokémon GO gyms

The rate of coins is one per 10 minutes of defense time. For every 10 minutes that your Pokémon sits in a gym, you earn one coin. Six coins can be earned in one hour. A maximum of 50 coins can be earned per day. This is the limit regardless of whether or not your Pokémon has been in the gym for six days or six weeks. If a Pokémon returns to you and grants you 50 coins, your next coin increase cannot come until the next day.


Furthermore, there is a brief limit on being attacked in a gym. Once you put your Pokémon into a gym, they can’t immediately be sent home. You will always receive some amount of coins from putting a Pokémon in a gym. The stronger your Pokémon and the more teammates that join you, the longer you’ll be in the gym in all likelihood.

If you see a Pokémon being battled, or the notification that it needs a treat, it may be advisable to give it a berry. This is especially true if you’ve already received coins on the day and are in danger of returning a Pokémon with no money. Razz berries will fill the bar slowly back up but a Golden Razz berry will fill it up all the way immediately.

You can do this endlessly. You are theoretically able to keep a Pokémon alive in a gym as long as you have the items to do so.

Coins for sale

Additionally, you can purchase coins from the store if you find that you’re not getting enough out of the gym conversion rate. They sell for:

  • $0.99 — 100 coins
  • $4.99 — 550 coins
  • $9.99 — 1,200 coins
  • $19.99 — 2,500 coins
How to get coins in Pokémon GO

You can purchase coins in bulk from the store

Finally, you can use these to purchase items in the Shop, such as revives, Remote Raid Passes, potions, Premium Battle Passes, Pokémon Storage, Pokéballs, Item Storage and more.

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