Polaris Esports favored going into Week 2 – DPC SEA 2022 Tour 2

It’s a revolting start for Polaris Esports at the DPC (2021-22) Southeast Asia Division 1 after they defeated T1 and Nigma Galaxy SEA. We never anticipated the former Division 2 candidate to put out such a statement during their first week, but it’s evident that Polaris is eyeing on the Stockholm Major.

With three major slots up for grabs, Polaris is easily one of the hopefuls to secure its major debut.

Marvin “Boomy” Rushton

Polaris dethrones T1 with ease

T1’s loss became the talk of the town, which isn’t surprising considering the overwhelming odds against Polaris. However, Polaris played the series phenomenally with an early snatch on Io for its global presence. Alongside impeccable counter initiations from Marvin “Boomy” Rushton’s Doom, T1 stood no chance at surviving the onslaught in every fight.

Just when T1 thought that Polaris’ Io pick was the only trick up their sleeves, the latter proved them wrong once again by opting for a four support one carry line-up, revolving around Terrorblade. The rest of Polaris’ combo included Weaver and Legion Commander, which have skills to dispel any effects that T1 might throw on their hard carry.

Looking at how it feels, Polaris likely has more tricks in their arsenal. Which of their upcoming opponents should we be wary of?

BOOM Esports vs Polaris Esports

We haven’t seen any action from BOOM Esports after they forfeited their match vs Nigma Galaxy SEA due to technical issues. Of course, losing a series isn’t too big of a deal as BOOM is expected to secure top seeds in DPC SEA. They are the champions of the GAMERS GALAXY series against several formidable Western European and SEA opponents. Hence, BOOM will quickly rake up their wins, assuming their technical issue doesn’t persist.

It all boils down to this series for Polaris as their victory against the strongest DPC SEA Regional Finals team.

A win vs BOOM will instantly earn Polaris the reputation as a threat to other opponents that they will encounter down the DPC SEA Tour 2. Of course, odds-wise, BOOM is indisputably in favor of winning at x1.20 against Polaris at x4.26 returns.

However, this could still be an indecisive battle of drafts between the two teams. For one, Polaris’ in-game execution isn’t too shabby, so we won’t discount that advantage against BOOM. Couple that with Polaris’ versatile drafts, and Polaris doesn’t have any notable disadvantage.

T1’s redemption time is nigh

Despite incurring just one loss, T1 is already receiving heavy backlash for their poor performance in DPC SEA Tour 2. Many, who scoffed at T1’s poor decision to replace Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon for Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte Santos instead.

However, their early loss was pretty much decided by Polaris’ excellent drafting. In contrast, T1’s hero line-up felt overaggressive and relied on their initiations on the get-go. Polaris’ strong counter-initiation merely made T1’s moves obsolete.

Regardless, T1 will have to regain their momentum in Week 2 as there are two crucial series to win.

T1 vs Nigma Galaxy SEA

Fortunately, Nigma SEA isn’t a high-level threat for T1, so the latter only need to ensure they pull off a good game. By that, T1 must play the matches on their own terms, and not give Nigma SEA any leeway for counters.

We saw how Polaris halted T1’s attempts to overwhelm them in team fights via various saving mechanisms. On the contrary, Nigma SEA’s drafts have been fruitless at becoming their winning condition. For instance, in their previous round vs Polaris, Nigma SEA’s Ember Spirit pick was obsolete against Polaris’ heavy lockdowns.

Hence, the Dota 2 odds are in favor of T1 at x1.40 vs Nigma SEA at x2.82 odds.

T1 vs Team SMG

SMG isn’t a new opponent for T1, and the latter has defeated them on multiple occasions. However, SMG remains one of T1’s toughest opponents to handle. Notably, this is a new SMG line-up competing in DPC SEA Tour 2.

With Michael “ninjaboogie” Ross Jr. as SMG’s new captain, he will likely bring many unorthodox drafts on the table. For instance, SMG pulled off a draft that prioritized shutting down one enemy hero instantly and absolutely. This gave SMG the early advantage before any further flights could begin.

Once again, T1 will have the better odds at x1.33 versus SMG at x3.18 returns due to their match history, mostly in favor of T1’s victories.

The unexpected rise of Polaris Esports makes them a powerful threat in DPC SEA Tour 2 Division 1 and devastating losses for SEA powerhouses, namely T1 and BOOM Esports. These instances make the second week evermore crucial for the aforementioned to recuperate from losses.

Otherwise, we might just see a new successor among the top three SEA teams, who are going to Stockholm Major 2022. Thus, the DPC SEA Tour 2 will be a playing field for eager Dota 2 betting fans to capitalize on these thrilling matches. Fortunately, LOOT.BET got you covered on exclusive odds and coverage of the DPC SEA Tour 2.