Prime Gaming Ultimate Showdown is Amazon’s biggest esports event yet

Amazon has just announced the Amazon Prime Gaming Ultimate Showdown. This is going to be a $50,000 tournament, bringing multiple titles together into a grand finale at TwitchCon this year. Based on scale and size, it’s Amazon’s biggest esports event to date.

Amazon has been expanding its horizons into gaming a lot lately. With multiple games in development along with further integration with Twitch, the company has built a bigger brand for Amazon Prime Gaming. The Ultimate Showdown looks set to continue this, bringing esports tournaments to Amazon Prime Gaming.

Prime Gaming Ultimate Showdown

Amazon Prime Gaming Ultimate Showdown

Amazon Prime Gaming is expanding with a brand-new type of multi-game tournament for esports. The Prime Gaming Ultimate Showdown will cover a lot of different games. It’ll pull in everything from MMOs to FPS games to give an esports experience that spans everything gaming has to offer.

The tournament will start with four pre-qualifying rounds. These will be held in Seattle, Amsterdam, Germany, and Japan. The qualifiers are going to be a global competition. Competitors will be getting prizes for competing but the events will also raise money for charity. These rounds will secure the top five players a spot at the Grand Finale.

The Finale for the Ultimate Showdown is going to be held at TwitchCon in San Diego. This round will be held live, bringing together the teams from around the world.

Prime Gaming Ultimate Showdown Calendar

The Prime Gaming Ultimate Showdown will be running across the rest of the year. These are all of the events in the Prime Gaming Ultimate Showdown:

  • Seattle Pre-Qualifier at Showbox SoDo – June 25th
  • Amsterdam Pre Qualifier – July 16-17
  • Japan Pre-Qualifier at Tokyo Game Show – September 15-18
  • Grand Finale at TwitchCon – October 7-9th at

We don’t have the full details yet of which games are going to be played at which event. However, each of the rounds will be broadcast on Twitch. There will also be loot drops through the broadcasts. Fans can win games and other gaming gear by watching the event.

Amazon Prime Esports Expansion

Amazon’s forays into gaming have been mixed in some places. They have worked on a lot of games covering many different genres. Despite bringing in a lot of talent, few high-profile titles have made it to the market. They’ve had big successes with New World and Lost Ark. They’ve also canceled notable games too though, like Crucible. Other projects like Amazon Luna haven’t exactly set the world on fire.

Their game development studio lost its head in March of this year. However, the company is also working on a competitor to Steam, at least if the recent Amazon/Twitch dataleak is anything to go by.  In terms of esports though, Amazon’s main entries have been through Twitch. It’s the platform for broadcasting for a lot of esports along with holding their own Twitch Rivals.

This new event is one of the first times that Prime Gaming branding has been used for an event though. This tournament could easily have been a Twitch Rivals, so why is it something different this time around?

With a new format and this different branding, it’s possible that Amazon is branching out into more and more esports organizations outside of Twitch events. With their hold on the streaming market, they’re in a good position to promote tournaments like the Amazon Prime Gaming Ultimate Showdown.

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