Can PSG Talon surprise everyone? – MSI 2022 Group B Preview

The Mid-Season Invitational 2022 is upon us. The second-biggest event in the professional League of Legends ecosystem is set to take place in Busan, South Korea from May 10-29. For the first time in three years, teams will have an opportunity to exhibit their skills in front of a live audience.

We will be breaking down Group B in this MSI 2022 preview. Let’s see who has the highest chance of advancing and who will be the underdogs in this group.

Hanabi PSG MSI

New Jersey, Who Dis?

MSI Group B Preview – Will everything go according to expectations?

Group B should be one of the easiest to predict, from the 3 groups at MSI 2022. Considering the participants, we have some clear favorites and some clear underdogs.

First of all, we have Royal Never Give Up, last year’s MSI Champions is the absolute top dog. Everything other than a first-place finish by them should be a surprise, despite the fact that the team will play remotely. The team has improved during the LPL Playoffs, thanks to super carry GALA, and continues to play similarly to back when Uzi was on the team.

The second seed in Group B is PSG Talon. The PCS representative has been destroying teams in their own region and they continue to be the number 1 team. Despite losing River and Maple, they found two Korean imports that have similar utility playstyles. With this in mind, PSG should easily come out of the group as the 2nd seed, but what matters for them will be head-to-head with RNG to understand if there’s a gap between the top teams. Last time out, PSG made it to a top 4 finish at the end of the tournament.

Will they achieve a similar result this year? – PSG Talon is the “2nd seed” team with the highest odds of upsetting the groups predictions.

RED Canids & fastPay Wildcats – Who’s the better underdog?

The last two teams in this group are RED Canids and fastPay Wildcats, respectively coming from the Brazilian League and the TCL. Red Canids have made it to the second international tournament in a row, following last year’s appearance at Worlds. I’m expecting to see them improve slightly, considering that they’ve kept the same roster and coaching staff for the 2022 season.

Unfortunately, it will be hard for them to even be in the top 3 in this group since fastPay Wildcats (previously known as Instanbul Wildcats) might be the unexpected underdogs to advance to the knockout stage. The full Turkish team is harvesting domestic talents for quite a while and this might be the time that these players are recognized worldwide. Mid laner Serin has been the carry for the team and he seems super comfortable on the current meta champions. Keep an eye out on him, as his performance will also be indicative of the team’s results.

To conclude our preview, this is our predicted MSI group B result:

  1. Royal Never Give Up
  2. PSG Talon
  3. fastPay Wildcats
  4. RED Canids

Yes, there is a “major region bias” in our predictions. More often then not Major regions sweep the competition with ease, and I don’t expect MSI 2022 to be any different.