The looming threat of cheaters at PUBG Mobile PMCC 2020 India

The PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2020 (PMCC) was announced last week in a short teaser. The reveal was a sub-minute video, showing off the new logo for the event devoid of any actual event information. Despite the lack of info, people are already getting keyed up for the upcoming event!

The hashtag #bringgloryhome is in use for fans to create hype behind the event. Other than the logo and hashtag, no official details were released, but fans expect the event to be at least something like the PMCC 2018 – and hopefully not too much like the PMCO 2020.

Continuation of PMCC 2018

The event was extremely successful back in 2018. It saw nearly 250.000 registrations from several thousand universities across 30 different cities. The event had a prize pool of more than half a million dollars. Only 20 teams made it to the finals. It was an incredibly popular event that gave much needed traction to competitive PUBG Mobile. Ever since PUBG Mobile has been growing exponentially with fans continuously wanting more competitive events.

What they got instead was the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 (PMCO) and everything it brought with it.

Troubles at PMCO 2020

Abbreviations are complicated, but dont confuse PMCC and PMCO. While the events are unrelated the recent PMCO gives us insight into the state of the competitive PUBG Mobile in India and worldwide. The event suffered some serious issues. Primarily cheaters and the usage of unallowed game modifications.

Among the 80.000 teams that registered in that event earlier this year, over 500 teams were automatically disqualified and banned from playing entirely.

This happened via the Ban Pan system that automatically tested for some of the most common and easily detected cheats. That wasn’t all however. Even in later stages of the tournament, a number of additional teams were banned from both the event and the game in its entirety.

Eleven teams (of 33) were disqualified after the group stage for the same reason.

The future of PMCC hangs in the balance

If this new event is going to succeed, it can’t run like the PMCO 2020 – the huge cheating problem really messed with the event and invited a lot of criticism. The disqualifications ultimately made the actual group stage eliminations moot, leading straight through to the semi-finals.

Unless the tournament organizers, along with PUBG developers and Tencent take serious action to curb the cheating issue we might see cheaters ruin the mobile that kicked off PUBG Mobile Esports. Since the event has only just been announced, there is, at least, a bit of time left for the participating parties to figure out a way to keep things fair and cheat-free.

Based on how competitive players are treating their own title, if the cheating continues at the PMCC it can ultimately burn PUBG Esports mobile to the ground.

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