PUBG PGI.S Survival Tournament Weekend analysis and predictions

The PUBG PGI.S is taking a weekend off from standard competition to test a wild and funky game mode. All 32 teams are in the spotlight as they have only a few matches to figure out a strategy and ensure a path forward.

Here’s our breakdown, expectations and Survival Tournament Pick’ems that can earn you EP this weekend.

pubg pgis survival tournament

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PUBG PGIS Survival Tournament Overview

All 32 PGIS teams are participating in this weekly event. They’ve been all divided into 8 groups of 4, and this time around they will only compete on a special one zone Erangel TPP Super server.

Yep, TPP is back into PUBG, hooray. Between March 5th – 7th a special tournament elimination bracket will determine the best single zone playing team in the world. Each group will play 3 rounds and earn points for both kills and placements, and the top team after each set of matches will advance forward into the bracket.

The special Survival Tournament has its own prize pool of $60,000 divided among the top four contestants.The winnings this weekend however, will not count towards the overall PGI.S winnings.

The seeding for the opening rounds is set up as follows:

PGIS Survival Tournament Groups

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The opening round will be played between March 5-6 while the Quarterfinals and Final are reserved for March 7.

Expectations and Predictions

Making predictions for a special tournament is fairly difficult, especially considering most teams haven’t touched TPP in years. Top performers will largely depend on individual performances and who adapts and rotates the best. We can expect Chinese and Korean teams to have an edge over their EU/NA/CIS counterparts as TPP play is more common even among pros in these regions. Furthermore, teams with exceptionally gifted fraggers like Gen.G, 4AM, Infrantry, Virtus.Pro, STK and Soniqs should have an added advantage regardless of circumstance.

Out of the eight initial groups: Gen.G, MCG and 4AM seem to have the easiest path forward considering their play style and group opponents. Group D is the one most interesting for North American fans as it pits three NA teams against each other.  Group F should be the most intense out of the entire lot as it sees four fairly equal teams in overall strength and pace of play.

For those seeking to put down their Pick’em votes, you can wait until the first round of competition ends before placing down your vote. If Gen.G and Infantry move forward, they should be your top picks for taking the entire Survival Tournament event.

In the end, codes will likely be awarded in-stream this weekend as well. Make sure to use those towards your overall PCI.S Pickem predictions. You can follow all the action on both Youtube and Twitch.

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