RLCS X Spring Split promises double the action and double the fun

Rocket League’s next big event is on the horizon and approaching fast. The Spring Split is the next tournament for the game, and it looks set to continue the upward trend that has been running since the game went free to play last year.

The RLCS Spring Split is coming in with a slightly different format, following up on some big changes to the structure of Rocket League esports in recent years. This is the third tournament in a row to experiment with a new format. While all the shake ups might be confusing for some fans, they’re helping Rocket League to find a format that really suits the game.

RLCS X Spring Split 2021

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RLCS X Spring Split – New Format

The new tournament is going to be running yet another new format! Fall had a Swiss format, Winter was double elimination, and things aren’t settling down for Spring.

This time it is a combination of Round-Robin, Double elimination, and Single Elimination. This structure is more complicated than some past versions of Rocket League events, but it isn’t too far off a standard esports playoff format:

  • The event is split into regions, each is going to last four days.
  • Teams divide into four groups of five.
  • The first two days are Round-robin group stages. Teams that place 5th are eliminated.
  • The next day, the teams are seeded into a knockout stage.
  • The top two teams go into the upper bracket, and the lower two make up the lower bracket.
  • That bracket produces eight teams that move forward into a single elimination bracket.
  • That single elimination bracket then decides the winner.

The structure is slightly more drawn out, but it does allow a more natural narrative to develop over the course of the group stage and brackets. The RLCS Spring Split is only using 20 teams this time around. This narrows down the pool but helps to put the emphasis on the highest level of play. This is how the prize pool is going to work out:

  • 1st – 451 points and $30,000
  • 2nd – 250 Points and $15,000.
  • 3-4th – 280 Points and $8,000
  • 5-9th – 150 Points and $2,000
  • 9-13th – 110 Point and $1,500
  • 14-17 – 70 Points and $1,250

RLCS Spring Split Majors

On top of the regional events, there are going to a major running with the top ten teams from each region. These will be just like the event above, but with half the teams. So two groups make up that stage, heading into a single elimination bracket. This is how the prize pool shakes up for the major:

1st – 902 points and $36,000
2nd Place – 700 Points, $18,000.
3-4th – 560 Points and $10,000
5-9th – 420 Points and $5,000
9+ – 300 Point and $3,000

Rocket League Esports

You can find the RCLS on Twitch from March 11-May 15th. Taking place in so many regions means that the event is running for quite a while. The major kicks off in May, to crown an overall Winner for the Spring Split.

Rocket League esports have felt a bit more experimental since the game went free to play. This can be liberating in a sense, and the different approaches have made events more interesting rather than just running the same style event for a few years. If you’re looking to watch all of the action, check out Rocket League betting for some tips on the event.

Finally, RLCS X is one of the few events that gets a full feature in most esports betting sites, and is one of the stable five esports that always gets betting odds and markets. If you are looking to diversify your experience, your should definitely look into Rocket League.

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