The American RLCSX Winter Regional Champions and their journeys

The last RLCS X Winter Regionals wrapped up this morning with the South American finals going the way of team Noble. Hours earlier Rogue claimed their first North American trophy against NRG.

All of the the January regional events are now complete and all eyes turn to the Winter Split Major coming in few weeks time. The two teams that fought the hardest to get to the top in the Americas this past month are getting a breakdown of their journey, as look ahead to the upcoming Majors.

RLCSX Regional Winner

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Noble conquers South America

Noble won their first South American Regional in RLCS Season X, after a grueling 7 game series versus True Neutral this morning. The two teams have been at odds since the group stage, both hailing from Group B with True Neutral being the group and event favorite.

Bruno“Haberkamper” Haberkamp had his work cut out for him in the group after losing the opener heavily to TN (0-3). The team rallied hard after the initial defeat and had a compltely dominating run all the way to the finals.

The squad lost only 2 games out of 17 on their path to the final, one each against Avidity in groups and Rebel in Playoffs. The final was a real blast, with a full seven game fiesta against True Neutral who were the favorites and expected event winners.

The final game on Champions Field showcased the true prowess of both squads. Back and forth battle and insane defense by True Neutral had the game stalemate all the way to to the final minute. In the end, Noble scored twice to secure one of the most chestiest finals we’ve seen out of South America.

Watch the full finals stream below, with the final game starting at 3h44m.

Big expectations fall upon Noble at the upcoming Major if Phase 2 was anything to go by.

Rogue wins Winter X Games Event 3

Another first came out in North America as Rogue went against all odds to their first RLCS X trophy. From Fall Season Promotions to their first trophy ever, it has been a wild ride for Rogue this season. Their bracket was not easy either, as they had to battle G2, Envy and NRG (three times) to get to the top.

Every single series the squad played was touch and go from the start. In their opener against G2, they had to reverse sweep The Grid W4 Champions to simply advance forward. Their G2 win was followed up by an even clutchier  finish against Team Envy in the Upper Semifinals. The series went all the way as expected with Rogue clutching a 3:2 win on Champions Field to advance forward.

To round it all out, three consecutive series against NRG to finally claim the trophy. If there was no bracket reset rule, NRG would be the champions. They came in clutch in Game 7 of the first final round. They reset the bracket at least, but Rogue came in swinging in Round 2 winning all four consecutive games and earning the coveted trophy.

Envy and NRG are still the rankings leaders coming into the Major. Rogue however, has now become a serious threat in NA Rocket League.

Both regional majors for the Americas are coming up later this month with qualification tiebreakers still on the table. We are going to hold off on hyping up the events for a week, to let the teams recoup and make the needed adjustments. Keep in touch with our news section for our RLCSX Regional Winter Major breakdown and predictions next week.

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