PUBG Season 12 fixes Miramar, adds PCS 4 Loot and skin crafting

On June 2nd, we’re expecting the official launch of the PUBG Season 12. It will bring with it some pretty big changes – and some familiar things as well! Naturally, all of this will apply to PC, XBOX, and PlayStation. Since season 11 is ending, it’s time to gear up for the new upcoming season that will launch in just a few days.

The most noticeable new features that we can expect from the upcoming season are the Miramar rework, gear upgrade system, and some new currency types for various kinds of in-game transactions. Your PUBG Rank will once again reset, and you have a fresh chance to climb the ladder once again.

Finally, all of the PCS 4 items are expected to arrive in the upcoming patch.

PUBG Miramar Rework

The desert battleground gets an entire overhaul tweaking most common “god spots” and removing clutter from the map. We can notice at least 5-10fps performance increase in most areas of the map, and way less RAM usage. On top of this, the map has received a soft overlay with a yellowish tint, making it seem more “deserty” and dry, but does feel a bit extra. You might need to tweak your brightness and contrast when playing the map now. We also get a sweet Quad Bike added to the map, which is quite good at traversing hills and steep slopes.

Overall Miramar doesn’t change anything drastically in terms of layout, but you might be surprised if your favorite hiding spots are shallower, making you visible from more angles then before.

To do the upcoming new hot rides justice, the game has also added a special racing mode, with further details still to be confirmed. What we know is that it’ll be based on the Miramar map and you’ll be able to find it in the PUBG labs section when it goes live… and yes, of course guns will still be involved! Your team will be able to pick their weapons and vehicles, and the goal is to cross the finish line first!

PUBG Miramar rework

Shooting from the hip

The new update also features a new flagship gun: Lynx AMR. The Lynx is an anti-material rifle that’s particularly useful for light or unarmored targets, and it’ll require .50 ammo. It’s only available through care package drops and can only hold 5 bullets. The intel is it bust through a tank and hopefully through walls. We haven’t tested the gun yet on the Test Server. In addition to it, there will be a weapon replacement as well – the S12 Origin shotgun will replace the Saiga12.

There will also be a weapon skin upgrade system that we expect to be similar to how trade-up contracts work in CS:GO – you sacrifice a certain number of skins at a specific tier in order to trade for a rarer skin from a pool. Additionally, there will also be a progressive skin feature that will see skins evolve to different stages… and you’ll finally be able to add new skin upgrades to your attachments as well!

As for the new skin content added, there are both new sets and individual skins, as well as 4 new nameplates and 3 dances. The pictures for them have been leaked with little detail so far – however, you can at least get a few sneak peaks in advance!

Fans that have already taken a look have been particularly exited by the new Lynx – the high-powered AMR has quite a lot of fans – in fact, some even asked for it to be added to the game before!