PUBG Update 12.2 – Taego, Comeback Mechanics and Esports Impact

PUBG Update 12.2 has brought some new features to the game, along with a brand-new map, Taego. This latest map is the biggest change to come to the game in a while. How and will the new additions and changes change the way PUBG Esports is played and are the new mechanics an improvement to the game?

PUBG is one of the oldest Battle Royales, but to look at its recent updates it is still innovating on its formula. Even as some players ask is PUBG dying, the game gets regular updates that bring new features and concepts to the Battle Royale. Far from iterating on the now well-established gameplay, PUBG’s new updates routinely bring in brand new ideas to the entire genre. Some ideas naturally don’t land well, especially when it comes to esports and their rulesets. From map selection to point scoring, the esports system is a mess since Day 1. The base game suffers as well, especially after the bots achievement sentience and godlike status on top of most lobbies being chuck full of them.

So with so much good and bad going on, how is PUBG looking nowadays?

PUBG Taego

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PUBG Update 12.2 – Taego and Respawn Mechanics

Tango is a brand new PUBG map that is coming with the 12.2 update. The map is a mixed-up cross-section of environments and terrains. By the feel of it, its a mix between Erangel and Sanhok in layout and feel, and 8×8 by size. There are birds and creatures around the map that react dynamically to the way the game goes. If a player takes a shot, you’re going to know from the reaction of the local wildlife.

Alongside this new feature, the new map features no red zone and clear weather. It’s also open to 100 players, which while the standard for PUBG has been lowered in recent maps. This means we finally get another 8×8 map in the competitive PUBG rotation.

Comeback/Respawn Features

Comeback is a new mechanic which is going to be working on Taego. This feature means that when players die, they head to a unique area called the Comeback Arena. This functions pretty similarly to the Gulag in Warzone. Players who survive in the comeback arena get to return to the map. This feature is only running in the early portion of the game though, so things are going to stay balanced. On top of the Comeback mechanic, there is another second-chance feature. Players can find a Self AED. This allows them to revive without a teammate there to do it for them.

In Squads this means that as long 1 player holds a self-resurrect on him his entire squad will not be eliminated if all four players are knocked.

New Weapons and Vehicles on Taego

Two new guns and one vehicle are the new additions on Taego.

  • K2 – This is a new AR that’s coming into the game with the update, only on Taego. By stats and damage output it is a copy of G36C but handles way better.
  • MK12 – This one is a Taego exclusive DMR. It is a mix between Mini14 and SKS doing 50DMG on shot, and a bullet velocity similar to the mini14.
  • Pony Coupe – This is a new 4-seat vehicle for the map. It goes up to 150kmh on roads and can only utilize one seat for a player to peek shot from. Seats 1, 3 and 4 wont be able to do drive-buys.

There are going to be some other changes to the balancing and everything else in the game. However, these are the major changes. This is a fun new update to the game, and you can play it on PC now or on console pretty soon.

PUBG Patch 12.2 and PUBG Esports

The new patch finally introduces another 8×8 map suitable for competitive play. Our short test (20 matches) gave a strong sense of the map being quite balanced for esports play. Problems would only arise if circles are consistently going toward the top Army Base section of the map. This area resembles a worse version of the Erangel lumber yard/prison woods mixed with the steepness of Stalber. This terrain is too unfavorable for anyone approaching south to north.

We do hope the new map mechanics are also not added into esports play. Nobody necessarily likes self-revives and gulags into pro play. How soon Taego enters the competitive map cycle is unknown. The earliest would be PCS5 or potentially PGC 2021.