New PUBG maps and content announced during E3 2018

During Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2018, PUBG Corp. announced a new winter map, release dates for the Sanhok jungle map, and some new upcoming content for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

Take a look at everything that was announced for PUBG during E3 in this article.

New winter map

Despite Fortnite recently taking all of PUBG Corp’s shine, the company responsible for the first super popular battle royale game isn’t slowing down with development any time soon.

PUBG Corp. announced that a new winter map will be launched during winter 2018 for PC and potentially Xbox as well. The mobile version should get the new map some point after that. We know very little about how big the new winter map will be, although there were rumors in the past that suggested it would be an 8x8km map. This is roughly the same size as Erangel, the first PUBG map. Apparently, PUBG Corp. is considering adding new game mechanics that relate to the cold, snowy terrain.

Sanhok map release date for Xbox and PC

Over the past few months, PUBG Corp has been hard at working developing their third map, Sanhok. Sanhok is the smallest map yet at just 4x4km. It’s bigger than Fortnite’s map but it is small enough that action is never far away. Sanhok is based on South East Asia – the name is taken from two words from both Thai and Filipino. San for chicken and Hok for fun

PUBG sanhok map release date

During E3 2018, Sanhok was given a release date. It has been confirmed that Sanhok will be made available on the PC live servers from June 22.

The Xbox One release date for Sanhok hasn’t been set but PUBG Corp. is aiming for a late summer release.

New Riot shield

PUBG Corp. also announced a new riot shield. This item will be introduced to limited time war mode events for both Xbox and PC later this year.

For those unaware, War Mode is a limited event that turns a small area in one of PUBG’s maps into a deathmatch. Players spawn with certain weapons and must fight for the most kills within a certain time period.

War Mode is one of many limited time modes that runs every weekend for a short 72 hour window.

pubg riot shield

The riot shield in PUBG will take up one of the primary weapon slots. PUBG Corp. suggests that the shield will be good for squad based combat. Shield bearers can push forward whilst their teammates set up in better positions.

The riot shield will be a useful tool when trying to move to new locations whilst under fire. If you have the riot shield equipped, you will be able to use pistols, SMGs, grenades, and even melee weapons at the same time.


That pretty much wraps up what PUBG Corp. had to share during this year’s E3 event. They also recently announced that their priority is still on optimization and performance.

In other news, qualifiers for PUBG Corp’s huge $2,000,000 PUBG Global Invitational tournament are coming to an end soon and the main event will start on July 25th in Berlin.

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