July 1, 2020

Gen.G will be hosting two mobile gaming tournaments

This summer, Gen.G will be playing host to not one but two mobile esports competitions for Minecraft and PUBG respectively. The tournaments will be hosted in Texas, USA. It won’tMore
June 18, 2020

PUBG Esports, PCS and Pick’ems finally get some love in Patch 7.3

The PUBG Continental Series is kicking off next week and PUBG Esports went all out on event coverage. After almost half a year of lackluster competition, changes in format andMore
May 28, 2020

PUBG PCS Europe Charity Showdown returns today

Competitive PUBG is back in its full splendor. After what felt like ages ago, we finally got to witness the best PUBG Players clash in all four main competitive regions.More
May 14, 2020

PUBG Patch 7.2: New Bots, New Ranked and New Problems

It’s no secret that PUBG had a rather tumultuous history – after being turned into an esport far too soon and facing some rather ridiculous problems like unavoidable bugs atMore
May 11, 2020

TSM claims PUBG DreamHack Spring Showdown

PUBG’s competitive scene has had a bit of a weird year so far. A fair portion of all competitive Esports events have seen delays and cancellations, but PUBG got inMore
April 30, 2020

PUBG Rank System Explained – How to Rise Up in Rank

PUBG is a great Battle Royale game for serious and casual play, but the ranked mode is the main attraction for a lot of players. It is by using theMore
April 23, 2020

PUBG Esports changes once again with PUBG Continental Series

PUBG Esports has seen its fair share of changes this season. First, the competitive ecosystem had a complete overhaul with regional leagues being discontinued. The change came in favor ofMore
April 8, 2020

PUBG Esports 2020 – Is PUBG Slowing Down?

PUBG Esports in 2020 is taking a bit of a different form to previous seasons. The old formats have been done away with for the most part, and a newMore
March 11, 2020

PUBG Patch Update 6.2 – Crossplay and Team Deathmatch on PS4 and Xbox One

PUBG’s latest patch to hit consoles is a pretty major one. It is no secret to fans of the game that PC players get the good content first. However, someMore
December 26, 2019

PUBG esports executive director leaves organisation, looking for new opportunities

Jake “The Jaker” Sin has just announced his departure from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – on his Twitter of all things. He mentioned that he is looking for new opportunities and thatMore
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