Question Mark deserves a spot in the PUBG Global Championship Finals

In a bizarre turn of events, Question Mark (QM) find themselves out of the PUBG Global Championship Grand Finals. There were only three points at the end of the Survival Stage that kept QM out of contention. Those points could have easily been earned during a match which saw the entire team disconnect form the lobby due to failing Power Supplies in the middle of the match.

Question Mark

Credit: Bestoloch | X

The community is rife with opinions about what should be done or could have been done about the issue, while Krafton and PUBG Esports maintain a position that they do not have a specific rule for what occurred therefore it’s best to sweep it under the rug.

What could and should have been done at PGC 2023 to retain competitive integrity?

PUBG Community and pros share their thoughts

Several outspoken PUBG Partners and players spoke about the issue and what could be done to address it.

WackyJacky had one of the most W takes for this entire situation:

“You really need to sort this now! 17 teams through to finals seems to be the only logical move from here! It is simply NOT okay to have a team of passionate hard working players miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime because of this! Most unfair thing I’ve seen all year”

Halifax also agrees with the call for QM to be allowed into the grand finals:

“This would have been a W if it ended with, “In this unprecedented situation, we have made the decision to allow 17 teams to compete in the finals.”

Fuzzface went on to hit Krafton with their own competitive rulebook:

PUBG Rules Fuzzface

Credit: X / Fuzzface

The list of players speaking on this was extensive: PaG3, ChocoTaco, Penta and a metric ton of ex pro players, PUBG partners and regular fans.

QM’s IGL Adouz1e also shared his thoughts:

Question marks for the PGC Organizers

While there are no rules to directly address the situation, Krafton should have a been a tad more proactive in their decision making on how to navigate the situation. Their response and follow up actions only show the organizers would rather cite “no rules” and move on with the competition.

For Question Mark, a team that is not backed by a big organization and relies heavily on prize funds won this can be a hard blow, especially considering the 3 points they needed to get into the Grand Final were easily obtainable given the map state in Match 10.

QM match 10 position

Credit: PUBG Esports Map

QM already had a way into the next circle and a solid high ground control over the Petrichor Road compound that was part of the circle until circle. Their position was later stolen by Global Esports after the disconnect and holding it earned them 9 points during this match.

Taking all the map developments and how the situation was in the middle of the game, there is a case to be made for Question Mark to be at least compensated in some way or considered for recompense with a Grand Final slot, especially since the disconnect was to not fault of their own, nor has there been any attempt made to mitigate the issue.

Sadly, PUBG Esports and Krafton are deaf to the community outrage.

In my opinion, PUBG and Krafton should inquire with all the teams qualified for the Grand Finals and if there is no opposers, allow Question Mark to be added as the 17th in the Finals. All 8×8 maps in PUBG are tailored to 100 players so having 68 instead of 64 players should not be a drop and loot issue. Furthermore, it may even elevate the levels of early game action in the lobby.

Finally, some words from QM Bestoloch from this morning:

Big thanks to all people who is supporting atm, from all over the world but u won’t change anything and we can’t
It’s just unlucky circumstances 🙂
And huge respect to every player who was asking what happened and asked for a rematch ❤️

I fully intend to boycott the finals.

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Krafton, at every opportunity, shows just how clueless and out of touch their upper management is.