PUBG gets custom servers and more in latest patch

In PUBG’s latest patch, the developers have reworked the custom server system and brought the feature to all players. Currently, the patch is only available on the test server, but soon it will come to the main game.

Here is everything we know about PUBG’s latest patch, including details about the new custom servers feature, a new weapon, and a new Sanhok exclusive vehicle.

PUBG’s new custom servers

With PC 1.0 Update #17, the custom server feature will finally be coming to the public.

With this new custom server feature, any player will be able to set up and host their own custom games. When creating a custom game, players will have the choice between four different modes.

pubg new custom servers

Below, we have provided an overview of each of these modes:

Normal Mode: Typical PUBG rules that are found in public games
Zombie Mode: A mode where a team of four fights the rest of the server, who all play as zombies.
War Mode: PUBG’s team deathmatch mode previously seen as limited time events.
Esports Mode: Typical PUBG, but with the competitive rules used during PGI 2018 events,

As well as having these four modes to choose between, players are given options to slightly tweak the rules and settings when creating their own custom match.

During the test server period, only two players are needed to start a custom game. However, once the update hits live servers, all custom games will require at least 10 players to be started up. This is likely to stop additional server resources being used on almost empty servers.

Hopefully, in the future PUBG Corp. will give more tools for server creators to allow them to create unique game modes and gameplay experiences. We’re not expecting modding tools yet, but custom games is certainly a good start towards adding longevity to PUBG.

New PUBG vehicle and weapon for Sanhok

Like previously promised, PUBG Corp. has finally launched their Sanhok exclusive vehicle. This vehicle is called the Rony. It’s a pickup truck that can fit up to four players at once.

The Rony is designed to be suitable for offroading and because it is so large, it can be used as portable cover in dire situations.

pubg new weapon vehicle sanhok

PUBG Corp. previously mentioned that they had plans to introduce a rickshaw vehicle to Sanhok as well, but so far we have not heard anything about this and whether it will actually happen.

PUBG Corp. has also introduced a brand new weapon that will also be exclusive to Sanhok. It’s the QBU DMR. We had already heard about this weapon before thanks to a leak in an item description which included the QBU before it was actually added to the game.

The QBU will replace the Mini 14 on Sanhok, and we can only assume it will fill a similar role.

The QBU starts with 10 5.56 rounds but can be extended to 20. The QBU also has a bipod, which means recoil is severely reduced when using the weapon whilst prone.

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