Teams to watch at PUBG Global Championship Grand Finals

After an intense two weeks of PUBG action, only 16 of the 32 teams in the PUBG Global Championship (PGC) 2022 remain. The 16 teams will be competing in the PGC 2022 Grand Finals for the title of world champions.

The PGC is happening at the Dubai Esports Festival (DEF) in the United Arab Emirates. Grand Finals run through Nov. 17 to 20, and are open to a live audience. Tickets are currently available on the DEF website.

PGC 2022 Grand Finals: Sixteen teams remain

The paths for the 16 teams in the PGC 2022 Grand Finals have been quite different. Eight of the teams have made it directly through the Winners Bracket. Four more teams qualified for the event through the Losers Bracket 2.

Lastly, the remaining four teams were selected through the Grand Survival, which took place on Nov. 14 with a unique format. Four matches were played in the Grand Survival with the winner of each getting a slot in the PGC 2022 Grand Finals.

PGC Finals teams

PGC Grand Finals Expectations: NAVI, Question Mark, and DayTrade are ones to look out for

As has been the case throughout the PGC, it could be anyone’s trophy throughout the weekend. The PGC has seen some standout performances from teams like Wildcard Gaming and NAVI while other top teams like Soniqs and Petrichor have been eliminated.

Additionally, the Grand Finals will be played on the stage in front of a live audience. The team which is best able to handle the pressure of being in the spotlight will be able to perform well.

Nonetheless, the action so far in the PGC has definitely highlighted some favorites, and one of them is NAVI. The team directly made it to the Grand Finals by placing first in the Winners Bracket. They did that in fashion too and even got three back-to-back chicken dinners, the only team in the PGC to achieve that feat.

PGC Navi 2

Their performance on the final day of the Winners Bracket wasn’t really good, though, but after a long break, fans will be hoping to see them regain their footing.

Question Mark are another team to put your eyes on. While they haven’t been as formidable in the PGC so far, the team has shown with its performance locally in Europe that they can be a force to be reckoned with.

The team placed 15th in the Winners Bracket to get knocked into the Losers Bracket. This loss for the European team really brought out their performance, though, as they made a terrific comeback in the Losers Bracket 2 to place first with six top-five finishes in 10 matches.

Question Mark

Both Question Mark and NAVI have gotten a taste of victory, and they will both be looking to close the deal in the PGC 2022 Grand Finals.

Lastly, DayTrade Gaming is another team that could wreak havoc in the PGC 2022 Grand Finals – and with good reason. A quick look at their 2022 season so far shows what the team is capable of with back-to-back victories in the PCS Series 6 and 7.

They have been one of the most consistent teams in the PGC so far. In the group stage, they had a great first two days with five top-four finishes from 10 matches. They lost their footing on the final day, though, and could only manage the sixth position. However, they were swift to make a comeback in the Winners Bracket with a second-place finish, just two points behind NAVI. They will be hungry for the first place this time.

Where to watch the grand finals?

The PGC 2022 Grand Finals will happen from Nov. 17 to 20. Fans who aren’t able to attend the event, however, will be able to catch the livestream on the official PUBG Esports YouTube channel in multiple languages. The 16 teams will play five matches per day for a total of 20 matches to crown the world champions. Additionally, the winner will walk away with $600,000 of the $2 million prize pool.