The first PUBG Classic event in the 2019: FACEIT Global Summit

FACEIT Global Summit, the first of three PUBG Classic events in the 2019 Season is only hours away. The ExCeL Centre in London is set to host 24 of the world’s best PUBG teams for 5 days of competition and $400,000 in prize funds.



With Phase 1 complete in each of the competitive regions, four of the best teams each in North America, Europe, China, and Korea have been extended an invite for the event. Additionally, Hong Kong/Taiwan/Macao and South East Asia get three and two spots respectively while Oceania, Latin America, Japan get one. These 24 teams are divided into three groups of 8 and pitted against one another in a round robin style tournament matchup with the top 8 advancing straight to the Grand Final and the remaining 16 teams moving into the Elimination Stage.

More information about the convoluted tournament rules and setup are available here.

Which teams to watch out for at FACEIT Global Summit?

Tempo Storm representing North America seem to be an arm and a leg ahead of their competition in the NPL. Apart from Week 4 in the NPL, Tempo Storm has been at the top of the weekly points count in each competitive week and is head and shoulders above the rest in their region.

Europe’s ENCE and Team Liquid were two of the most consistent teams in the PEL in Phase 1. The PEL saw a lot of turmoil each week, the level of competitiveness is higher than ever and almost every team competing in the league had their share of victory and notable performances. Out of all 16 teams only the squads of ENCE and Liquid managed to consistently stay in the battle and net points for their squads week on week which makes both teams something to watch out for coming in London.

Next up, Korea’s OP Gaming Rangers and Afreeca Freecs Fatal. The Korean scene next to Europe is the second most competitive league in the entire PUBG ecosystem. With so many of the world’s top tier esport organizations in Korea making a push into competitive PUBG, we know that what we get in the end is the best there is to offer. All of teams coming from Korea are neck and neck in performance over the entirety of Phase 1. It is only nuances that set the above two teams ahead of the pack and it will be those nuances that make them serious contenders to watch out for in London.

Finally, although China considered a main region at the event, they seem to lag behind the other three main regions in terms of PUBG prowess at the highest level. No team stands out as a threat when compared to what the other three main regions are bringing. With that said, it’s down to OMG, 17 Gaming, Crystal Luster and Four Angry Men to prove me wrong.

In other relevant news, last week the UK High Commission in New Delhi threw a wrench in the organization process as they refused the visa application of SEA representatives Divine and GameHome for the event. With both the #1 and #3 seed from SEA unable to participate in the event, the spots were given to teams #6 Aerowolf Team One and #4 Aerowolf Team Seven after 5th seed ArkAngel also missed out on the visa. As a result, the SEA region comes into the event without the best teams of Phase 1.

Tune in at April 16th for the best Battle Royal action money can’t buy.