PUBG PCS Europe Charity Showdown returns today

Competitive PUBG is back in its full splendor. After what felt like ages ago, we finally got to witness the best PUBG Players clash in all four main competitive regions. A total of 72 teams started off the Charity part of the PUBG Continental Series across the world. Champions were crowned in Asia, North America and Asia Pacific. Now only the Final 16 in Europe remain before the PCS moves into Series 1.

Lets kick off our article with the most important part. The upcoming Grand Finals at the PCS Charity Showdown Europe.

PCS Charity Showdown Group Stage Standings

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PCS Charity Showdown Europe Grand Finals

The 16 teams heading to the Grand Finals are listed on the picture above. Some familiar names from the now defunct PEL League have shown up big. Only Digital Athletics from the former PEL teams did not make it to the Grand Finals. Raise Your Edge and ENCE barely made it in. The points are fully reset for the final matches however, so everyone can start fresh now.

We will break down the teams’ Group Stage performance in a minute. But first, lets share some info about the upcoming Grand Final.

The 16 teams will play a total of 18 matches over the span of three competitive days. Nine games on Erangel, three on Sankhok and six on Miramar will be played. As per usual, the team that scores the most cumulative points is crowned the champion.

The final standings at this event are not meant to influence the Series 1 of PUBG Continental Series Europe, however, the PCS Europe has 16 slots for Invitees meaning PUBG Esports can get a good grasp of who deserves an invite based on this event.

Matches begin Today, May 28, 2020 – 18:00 CEST. You can follow them at the official PUBG Twitch and PUBG Youtube channels.

PCS Charity Showdown Europe Group Stage Breakdown

The European event saw 24 teams clash for their share of $100,000 in prize money. An additional $100,000 is pledged to a charity of the winning team’s choice. 10 of the 24 teams were from direct invites, while the rest had to go through grueling qualifiers. The teams were divided into three groups of eight and played a round robin point based system as per usual PUBG rules.

Each group had a chance to meet the other two twice for a total of 32 matches. The fighting was omega intense, yet some groups performed way better then others. Furthermore, the whole tournament looks like a clash of individuals who perform exceptionally and others who “don’t do much”.

Lets look at the Groups in a reverse order.

Group C

The only thing remarkable about the Group C teams was FaZe Clan. Only four teams from the group made it into the Grand Finals, and next to FaZe they all pale in comparison. Northern Lights did put up a few good fights but they did some silly mistakes that cost them alot of games. FaZe is also the only team that has two players in the top 5 players at the event so far. Both Ubah and Aitzy performed admirably netting a combined total of 85 kills.

Group B

Group B was by far the most competitive one out of the whole lot. Team Liquid, TSM and Omaken and Entropiq all had their time under the spotlight. It was however team Liquid with the late clutches that finally ended up on top. We have to give credit where credit is due as well. TSM’s Vard absolutely wrecks this event netting the highest kill count, knocks and headshots so far.  This man’s back must hurt so much after carrying TSM so hard so far.

Group A

Group A managed to put 6 teams into the Grand Final same as Group B. Unlike Group B, only NaVi performed here and most notably Andrey “Bestoloch” Ionov. Out of NaVi’s 138 kills 48 were made by one person. The other teams in Group A didn’t do much, but they still did more than a lot of their competitors. Adepts, Red Line, Red Zone and RYE all earn their spot in the final but have much to prove going forward.

Overall, we saw the usual suspects in TSM, FaZe, Liquid and NaVi perform as expected. ENCE was supposed to do great but failed to deliver when it mattered.

We can only hope the final is even bloodier then the group stage.

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