StarLadder announces PUBG amateur tournament series

With the PUBG esports scene starting to heat up, more tournament providers are looking to get involved. This week, StarLadder announced that they will be joining the party with a brand new amateur tournament series of their own.

StarLadder has already helped to host the PGI tournament, but this will be the first time StarLadder creates their own self-funded tournament specifically aimed at amateur PUBG players. Aptly named the StarLadder PUBG AmCup, players and teams that haven’t gone pro will have the chance to fight for a prize pool. Here’s everything we know about the new StarLadder PUBG tournament series.

Participation and Qualifiers

Because StarLadder is based in the CIS region, to begin with it seems that the qualifiers are just for CIS players. Hopefully, more tournaments from StarLadder will be opened up to other regions in the future. If not, we can always hope that tournament organizers from other regions will step up to get involved in the PUBG esports scene.

To have a chance at winning money, you’ll need to first enter your team through one of the four qualifier stages.

starladder amcup

There are a total of 320 team slots in each qualifier, across four qualifiers. Teams of 4 will be split into 16 different groups, making a total of 20 teams per group.

The first qualifier stage starts July 12 and the following stages will happen exactly one week in succession of the last, with the last being on August 2.

After that, we can only assume that StarLadder will announce details for the finals. It’ll be there where the top 8 teams from each of the four qualifiers (total of 32 teams) will go up against each other in the finals.

The prize pool for the finalists will be $2,000. We are still waiting to hear how the money will be split. This is obviously not life-changing money, but it creates an incentive for competitive PUBG players to take their game to the next level.

Some details seem to be missing, but we do know that the game setting will be sunshine on Erangel. We have to assume that it will be first person mode only. This has been the default setting for competitive events so far.

I’ve personally delved into the rules, but it’s hard to get the details straight – they are a direct translation from Russian.


It sounds like there will be your standard tournament elimination process, where each team will be put into a group and three rounds of three matches will be played. (total of 9.) Teams will be scored on kills and rank position. The top 8 performing teams from each qualifier after all 9 games are up will transition to the finals, whilst the remaining teams will be kicked from the qualifiers.

What’s interesting is that StarLadder mentions a ‘series of PUBG tournaments’ in their article title. We are not sure whether they mean a series of qualifiers, or if they mean that they plan to repeat the entire tournament setup, with included qualifiers and finals, multiple times. Hopefully, it’s the latter, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Once again, this is a CIS-only event for now. You can sign your team up by visiting here.