New PUBG Update #23 adds weapon, new mode

Update #23 has dropped and with it brings a number of new changes and features. The biggest new addition is the Skorpion pistol. We’ve also got a new War mode for custom matches and plenty of other smaller changes and tweaks. Here is a full look at all of the biggest changes included in PUBG update #23.

New SMG, new game mode, blue zone changes and more

Let’s start with what is perhaps the biggest change – the new Skorpion weapon. This weapon will look familiar to you if you’ve played other FPS games. It’s actually a Russian machine pistol, putting it closest to the Glock 18-C in PUBG, but it will perform differently. It fires 9mm ammo and can carry 20 bullets, or up to 40 with the extended mag. The Skorpion also can fit a red dot, a suppressor, a number of grips, and a micro UZI stock.

From what we can tell, the Skorpion can spit through bullets at lightning pace but the recoil and spread is not great. This is the perfect close range weapon for initial encounters at the start of the game, but it’ll lose its value past the first few minutes. To put the glock in line with the Skorpion, the Glock has had a buff to reduce its recoil.

Another big change comes to the blue zone color. Now, the opacity has been toned down so that it is far easier to see through. Before, it was frustrating when players hid in the blue zone to catch unsuspecting players. This shouldn’t be as large of an issue now.

PUBG Corp has also added a new dynamic key map situation that is on by default but it can be switched off. With this, you’ll get on-screen control tips depending on what you are doing. For example, if you zoom in, you’ll have key tips to control zeroing and to adjust your scope. If you’re driving, you’ll get driving related control tips.

PUBG Corp has also added a new mode to custom matches. It’s called War Mode: Conquest. In this game mode, two teams fight against each other in a deathmatch style game where respawns are turned on. Each team must work together to capture more objective points than the other team. The Conquest mode allows up to 50 players per team.

As well as Conquet, a new damage ratio control has also been added to custom matches that lets you control how much damage different weapon types do. You can also edit specific body part damage ratios. With these controls, you could have a lot of fun – you could create a headshot only game mode or even something wackier like a game mode where players can only take damage if they get hit in the leg with a melee weapon.

As usual, a wide range of bug fixes and quality of life changes have been added in the latest patch. You can find out more about these and other small changes from the official PUBG Steam community page.

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