Here’s What’s Coming To PUBG In December (Hint: It’s a Lot!)

PUBG is getting a lot of love and attention in December. Not only is a new map on its way, but the game is set to launch on Xbox One. There is also lots of new content, including new weapons and vehicles, and the game is getting the biggest optimization update in its history.

Here’s a look at the biggest changes coming to PUBG in December. Make sure you’re sat down because there’s a lot to cover!

New Desert Map Miramar

The biggest updated feature coming to PUBG in December is the new Miramar desert map. This map has been in the works for some time now, and it has now finally made its way to the test server.

The new desert map will be coming to PUBG on December 20th, alongside the 1.0 release. Here’s a trailer of the desert map.

New Vaulting Mechanic

One of the new features in PUBG is the vaulting mechanic. With this, players will be able to easily jump over walls, through windows, and over the bonnets of cars.

It seems like a small change, but vaulting completely changes PUBG for the better. With vaulting, a new world of mobility is opened up to the player.

The vaulting feature has been in and out of test servers for a while so we already know quite a lot about it.

New Vehicles

Here’s a quick look at some of the new vehicles coming to PUBG alongside the new desert map release.

The Aquarail

The Pickup

The Van


New Weapons

We’re getting access to a bunch of new weapons this month, too. Here’s a look at what to expect.

Winchester 94 Rifle

Sawed Off Shotgun

DP-28 LMG and AUG A3 Assault Rifle

Huge Optimization

Whilst we are getting a lot of content, one of the biggest things to look forward to in December is the optimization done to the server performance and the FPS performance.

Quality of Life Changes

The list of quality of life changes coming to PUBG is too long to show here, but you’ll notice all of the small changes immediately when you jump into the game. Changes include UI improvements, texture overhauls, weapon optimization, damage changes, bullet velocity changes, and much more.

Xbox Release Date

We can’t forget that PUBG is also coming to Xbox One this month. It will be hitting the Xbox on December 12, so make sure you mark your calendar for that.


What are your thoughts on the new PUBG content coming to the game in December?