Lando’s Quadrant perfectly set partnership with Halo Championship Series

The Halo competitive scene has had its ups and downs since the release of Infinite, but it looks like things are improving at least for one org. Starting this week, Quadrant is officially Halo (HCS) partnered team.

The announcement came with some innovative promotional moves tied to founder Lando Norris and Formula 1, and the whole partnership announcment was a great development for the entire Halo ecosystem. The Halo Championship Series got off to a good start. But it got dicey as time went on. More recently, they’ve begun to lose teams. Organizations like Xset and Torrent have left the game after the title’s problems compounded since launch. However, Quadrant could give the series a shot in the arm as it gears up for a new round.

Lando Quadrant HCS Singapore

Lando Norris ahead of Singapore GP

Quadrant joins Halo Championship Series

Last week it has been announced that Quadrant is joining the Halo Championship Series. They’re coming on board as a partner team.

Quadrant was originally founded by Lando Norris, the Formula 1 driver. His esports org competes in a few games and has been part of Halo esports since 2020 when they signed a mainly French team. They’re now making the jump up to a partnered team. Lando Norris was wearing a Master Chief style helmet for of the Singapore Grand Prix last weekend.

Placing 4th overall in the main race and a great performance over the weekend, helped things along nicely as well. That special Formula 1 and Halo crossover helmet also has replicas sold. The Quadrant Halo team becoming partnering does even more to help link esports and the world of normal sports like motorsports.

Quadrant Replaces Other Teams

Halo Infinite has had a rough time since launch. It initially had a lot of hype, and a huge esports scene launching. However, there’s been plenty of criticism about how developers have managed the game, with the title languishing since launch. The esports side of the game has lost quite a few partnered teams in the first year. However, it does seem like organizers have new orgs to fill in the gaps.

Quadrant is going to the first one of those new teams to filter in and replace those who have left.  Landa Norris said of joining as the Quadrant Halo partner team:

“It’s really exciting for us to announce that we’ve become a partnered team in Halo. The whole team has worked incredibly hard to get to this stage, and I’m really proud of the success our roster has had this season. I’ve watched almost every tournament game and scrim over the past few months and it’s been awesome to be a small part of their journey in the HCS so far… Being able to see our own Quadrant skins and items available in-game is surreal.”

This is definitely a big step for Quadrant. With all this extra promotion going on, they look set to join the HCS with new hype behind them. Hopefully, the game can improve on some of the problems that plagued its first years.