Quidd is the player to watch – Wins first major at Let’s Make Big Moves

The first Smash Bros Ultimate Major for the year has just concluded at Let’s Make Big Moves 2022. The first major for the year saw a player take home his first win for the season too. Quidd had a very strong weekend across the game, eventually winning out 3-0 in the finals. Smash Ultimate this year is going to see its first official Nintendo event, alongside loads of Majors like this one. While the game isn’t receiving as many official updates anymore, the esports scene looks more active than ever.

While Let’s Make Big Moves 2022 isn’t the biggest event on the Smash horizons, Quidd’s performance was impressive enough to make him a player to watch in 2022.

quidd lets make big moves 2022

We couldn’t have asked for bigger moves. | @YoLetsMakeMoves

Quidd at Let’s Make Big Moves 2022

Quidd’s impressive run at Let’s Make Big Moves 2022 began in the pools, where he went completely undefeated. This is an impressive result, especially when you take his 32nd seed placement into account. He eventually managed to pull through to the top 8 and only dropped a single series.

Quidd’s ran at Let’s Make Moves 2021 did mean he managed to avoid some of the top-seeded players and biggest names like Dabuz. However, he was clearly one of the strongest players with Ivysaur. In the Winner’s Bracket, Quidd moved straight up to the Grand Finals after winning against Mute Ace. MuteAce then lost in the Loser’s finals letting kola move through to the Grand Finale. This came after Kola defeated Dabuz in the end of the loser’s bracket.

Quidd’s eventually faced Kola in the finals, where he played Pokémon Trainer. Quidd played as the same character through the entire tournament. Specifically, his Ivysaur really impressed. Pokémon Trainer has been played by winners of majors plenty in the past, but he isn’t as common of a pick as others.

Quidd is a Player to Watch in Smash Ultimate 2022


The player’s performance across Let’s Make Big Moves 2022 was definitely strong. Quidd has only been active at this level of Smash since 2021. This current win is definitely a big one for him. In the past, he’s taken part in events like Mainstage 2021, but placed fairly averagely. However, some placements like CROSSSxUp were strong performances prior to this. He’s done well at bigger local events and online tournaments.

This event didn’t feature too many of the big names in Smash Bros. However, as an early result, this must take Quidd up a few notches in most fans’ expectations. Dabuz and Kola both placed higher at MainStage while Quidd’s performance was considerably stronger here. While one major is early in the game, he looks set to be a real contender for the rest of the year’s Smash Ultimate events.

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