There is still time to sign up for Canada’s Red Bull AdrenaLAN weekend

The Red Bull AdrenaLAN tournament is now coming back in its third iteration. The open tournament features several big ticket esports competitions in titles like League of Legends, Street Fighter V and even Valorant.

The overall prize pool for the event is $25.000, which will be split between disciplines and according to player rankings.

As this event is particularly trying to cast a spotlight on esports and gaming in Canada, there are several mini-events during the whole Red Bull AdrenaLAN weekend that do so – among them Grandpoobear’s Fallmania 7; it will see an entire roster made up of poplar Canadian Streamers competing. Alongside that, there will also be a Call of Duty event – the Bell’s Call of Duty Warzone tournament that will feature Toronto Ultra taking on various teams. These teams will also be Canadian players, all of them competing in custom lobbies.

Redbull Canada AdrenaLAN

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Red Bull AdrenaLAN Registration and Competition format

The biggest three tournaments – Valorant, Street Fighter V and LoL – will be held in an open format, meaning that anyone can sign up for the event if they want to – entry is free. You can sign up and check if you’re eligible on the website, here: or directly at AdrenaLAN Battlefy page.

So far, 11 Valorant and 25 LoL teams have signed up for the tournament, with plenty of spots still open for prospective teams. Additionally, over 30 participants have signed up for the Street Fighter competition, for both the East/West competitions combined.

The Fallmania 7, the Fall Guys competition will have its own $5000 prize pool – and as benefits a Fall Guys event, it’s winner take all here. Participants will be selected from popular Canadian streamers that will then get the chance to fight for the Crown of the North (and of course, the prize money).

As for the CoD event, participants in the game will get the chance to play against the Canadian pro team Toronto Ultra. Three private lobbies of 38 teams each will take place – and players who manage to take out players from Toronto Ultra will win cash bounties. The winners of any of the three lobbies will also be able to earn another $1000 for their win – You’ll be able to watch this event on the Bell_Canada Twitch channel.

Events surrounding the competitions

In addition to the several smaller and medium sized tournaments that are happening on the 19th and 20th of December, there will also be several other types of event available – for example, indie game showcases, showmatches and more. Among the indie features will be games like Killer Queen Black and Mighty Fight Federation – all presented in an online setting, of course.

Despite what it sounds like, the Red Bull AdrenaLAN will not actually be a LAN event this year – like most events have had to do, this too will be held in an entirely online format. A spokesman for Red Bull has also announced some as of yet unnamed world premieres and some unique competitions – what we definitely know is that all events and competitions will be live-streamed across multiple different channels and available to watch anywhere in the world.

You’ll be able to enjoy some sweet tunes with the event as well – the Red Bull AdrenaLAN will have a whole line-up of talented people providing cool things to listen to as it all goes down. Guests here include Hedspin, HustleGRL, JayemKayem b2b Freeza Chin, LIVING ROOM, DJ Poptrt, and Skratch Bastid.

For contact and additional info, head over to AdrenaLAN’s official Discord server.

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